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The show so far has been a somewhat flowing mix of Various Rock, Psyche and other 60's Rock to the Present. Minimal Techno to Experimental and Progressive Rock to yet other Electronica to Jazz and Blues and Soul etc. Other DJ's, Plus.

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01.13.06 - R. Stevie mOOre Extravaganza!!!!

No better day than Friday the 13th for an all R.Stevie mOOre Show. This will be the aperativo to his live show sponsered by "The Fader" at Tonic on Friday the 20th of Jan. R.Stevie is by far the best pop songster or for that matter musician, composer, comedian, drinker, eater, stud, and puuper. R.Stevie not only wrote his own catalogue of 1000's of songs, but he also wrote for not one, but all the other bands that now exist. In truth it is a reverse conspiracy where the Music industry tries to hide the great thing from the public. So what it really comes down to is that R.Stevie will except your recognition, but he'd rather have your money. Go to R.Stevie's site and find out why and of course TUNE in This FRIDAY at 4:00 PM. Now Say This ten thousand times, SAVE R.STEVIE mOOre now before it is To Late!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Playlist for 01.13.06
ArtistTrackAlbum Label
r.stevie mooremonitor conscientious objectorrsm
rsmsort of way hobbies galorersm
rsmwalt gollender's breath pt 1&2 conscientious objectorrsm
rsmnorway the youg and moore showrsm
rsmmelbourne phonographyHPS
rsmtimes have changed contact riskfruit of the tune
rsmno know contact riskfruit of the tune
rsmcool daddio delicate tensionhps
rsmdelicate tension delicate tensionhps
rsmbackbone break everthing you always want to know aboutnew rose
rsmWayne, Wayne everythingnew rose
rsmdebbie everythingnew rose
rsmyou are to far from me delicate tensionhp music
rsmdon't let me go to the dogs glad musicrose
r.stevie mOOrethe flavour is mine 1952-19??cordella records
aesthetichelp desk girl aestheticrsm
rsmcruising for burgers (Zappa tune) concientious objectorrsm
rsmbcgi bin laden beheaded/national rightful association aestheticrsm
rsm1st or mars stancehp music
R. Steveth MooReMoons nevertheless optimistichp music
rsm (matching mole tune)starting in the middle of the day we can drink our politics away Far Outhp Music
r.s.m.I'm out of my mind has-beens and never-weresheliotrope
rsmtechnical difficulty 1952-19??cordellia records
rsmits what you do (it's not what you are) contact riskfruit of the tune
rsmconscientious objector conscientious objectorrsm
R>>>>STEVIE--mRedates nevetheless orsm