r. stevie moore on Scott & Gary Show 1


R. Stevie Moore
Live on
Scott and Gary Show

Manhattan Cable
Channel D

Sunday 1 April 1984

The Biggest Names In Show Business

LEE MILLER drummer
PHIL VARRALLO double guitar

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  • introduction
  • show biz is dead
  • defeating the purpose
  • i've begun to fall in love
  • copy me
  • chat
  • going down the way
  • rock and roll kit
  • chantilly lace

Director: Gary Winter
Host: Scott Lewis
Cameras: Tito / B.J. Buchtrap
Audio: Steve Mack
Production Asst: Scott Foster

Filmed at
Metro Access
110 E. 23rd St.

Transmitted June 6 & 9

Thanks to Scott Lewis, Gary Winter, Frank, Jim, Barbara & Margaux Ravis and Debraella


DEC 2000
The Scott and Gary Show!
"one of New York's Most Legendary Cable Access Shows" sez Time Out Magazine
Returning to NYC after a tour of Film/Video Festivals across the US! A Retrospective of the Mid-1980's TV show that was the Bi-Polar opposite of MTV! Journey back and see choice cuts from one of TV's wildest'n'weirdest shows! See Television created by two guys who were fed up with crappy music and boring TV.
We mean it maaannnnn!

Featuring Amazingly Rare Live Musical Performances by:
The Beastie Boys (Jan 1984!)
Butthole Surfers (Oct. 1984!)
Half-Japanese (Feb. 1984!)
Shockabilly (March 1985!)
Ben Vaughn (Dec.1983!)
R. Stevie Moore (April 1984!)
Raunch Hands (April 1984!)
and more!!!

...plus a very special screening!   From 1966! Beyond Scarce! Has not been seen since then except by my friends and me! Disco Teen hosted by Zacherle!
See costumed New Jersey Teenagers frugging and a shimmering to cool 1960's tunes during this Halloween episode. Joining New York's coolest Ghoul is Alex Chilton and the Box Tops! They don't perform, but stumble around acting real cool.

Part of the Jeff Krulik-Planet Krulik Film Festival Friday December 15th at 10pm Anthology Film Archives 2nd Ave Anthology Phone # 212-505-5181
for further information please contact Scott Lewis -scott.lewis@nyu.edu


Review from the 17th Annual Olympia Film Festival Fringe Series. September 2000.

The Scott and Gary Show 2000 / United States / 80 Minutes / Video
Channel surfers across America have flitted past cable access programming for two decades. Oh well... their loss. In the mid-80's, Scott Lewis and Gary Winter produced a variety show that defied explanation with its corny skits, Hullaballoo-style dancers and punk bands who were definitely not lip-syncing. Part vaudeville, part kids' show, and part musical extravaganza, The Scott and Gary Show was unique in the annals of television history. It was the first (and only) show on the block to feature such unforgettable music performances as The Butthole Surfers on their first "trip" to New York, The Beastie Boys when they were still a hardcore band, a performance by Half Japanese that could almost be described as "tight" and an all-out brawl between the hosts and their guests, The Velvet Monkeys. MTV wishes it could be this cool. This loving tribute is from the director of Heavy Metal Parking Lot, Jeff Krulik.

Screening Friday December 15th 2000 10pm at the Anthology Film Archives 32 Second Ave. at 2nd Street

Jeff Krulik presents: A Tribute to the Scott and Gary Show

"an ahead-of-its time NYC public access spectacle"

Spring 1985. After two years of selling cable television door to door in suburban Washington, DC, I'm promoted to running the public access studio. To me, this was a heaven-sent opportunity to test my post-college radio anarchy/free form chops on a television audience. A pal gives me a small review from Option Magazine talking about a NYC show that hosts live music dance parties on screen. Sounded good to me. Weeks after I write the address, a big box of 3/4" tapes arrive. The first one I pull is the Butthole Surfers, circa 1984 (obviously tripping). It was one of the most bizarre public access spectacles I had ever seen. I loved it. What else was in that box? Half Japanese. The early Beastie Boys. Bands I had never heard of. People having fun in the tv studio. It was all perfect material for my quest to dominate the local cable airwaves. Little did I know, a collaboration was born.

See, Scott Lewis and Gary Winter turned out to be guys much like me, and when they got kicked out of every New York studio they taped in, I invited their production down to my studio. The first one, featuring the Velvet Monkeys (with producer Don Fleming) and 75 guests, turned into an "American Bandstand from Hell" when the "live" button was mistakenly pushed. Five hours of a live television audience running amuck and management never called. I sure was naive back then and it was a good thing. We hosted five more tapings over a two year period. In my opinion, these guys were way ahead of their time, and I am proud to have collaborated on some of their work. They hung up their television show in 1990. The last episode featured singer/songwriter Ben Vaughn being interviewed in a men's room. Now, ten years later, it is with great pride and pleasure I present to you a retrospective of The Scott and Gary Show. - Jeff Krulik

See the following!
  • The Butthole Surfers tripping their asses off from October 1984!
  • The teenaged Beastie Boys do hardcore punk from January 1984, with Kate of Luscious Jackson on drums!
  • Shockabilly from March 1985 with Dr. Eugene Chadbourne and Kramer and a near-fight in the studio!
  • Half of 1/2 Japanese from February 1984!
  • and much moore!

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