Mitch Friedman's Purple Burt

MEETCHMUSIC PB001 march 2005

1. Purple Burt 2 purple words
3. Invisibility 4 more purple words
5. Where'd Ya Get That Dirt? 6 even more purple words
7. Make It Snappy 8 did someone say purple words?
9. Wonder Where 10 words of purple
11. I Miss My Daddy 12 purply wordings
13. Slurping & Burping 14 wordy purplings
15. Color Feel 16 words that are purple
17. What a Gas! 18 purple as words
19. Do-Re-Mimi 20 words, purple
21. Try This On For Size 22 both purple and wordy
23. Pluto 24 purple? word!
25. Flavor Day 26 again with the purple words
27. I Hope 28 words until i'm purple in the face
29. Smile Awhile

All songs written by Mitch Friedman except "Pluto" (lyrics by MF/music by Andy Partridge)

All songs performed and recorded by Mitch Friedman except
"Purple Burt": contains samples of playing by Dave Gregory and R. Stevie Moore
"Where'd Ya Get That Dirt?": Anne D. Bernstein vocals
"Wonder Where": The Wonderlings (R. Stevie Moore & Krys Olsiewicz) doo-wop vcls MP3
"Color Feel": Dave Gregory EVERYTHING except the singing MP3
"What A Gas!": R. Stevie Moore guitars, bass, keyboards, synths MP3
"Do-Re-Mimi": Anne D. Bernstein vocals
"Try This On For Size": Andy Partridge electric guitars

The story of a colorblind, invisible purple boy and all of his visible friends.

This is an album that the whole family can enjoy. 15 mostly fun and funny songs in all kinds of styles, alternate with bits of narration to spin the tale.

Purple Burt was born purple but became invisible and colorblind accidentally by jumping his magical hope rope with a bit too much hope. His best friend is a really old and grouchy snapping turtle named Kurt. Do-Re-Mimi, his beautiful girlfriend with a singing voice to match, and his father Purple Albert, have both gone away. Purple Herbert, his brother, spends all of his time slurping and burping from all the herbal sherburt he eats. In order to stay alert, Purple Burt has to eat a big handful of purple dirt every day. But despite all of these things, Purple Burt still manages to have fun and be happy.

Join him as he daydreams about skiing on Pluto . . . Come along as he and Kurt visit the kooky new scientist in the neighborhood named Dr. Fritz von Nozzle . . . Laugh as he is forced to try on all kinds of weird clothes thanks to Chazz, the salesman at the only clothing store for 500 miles . . . Sing along as he attempts to undo everything that is wrong by jumping his amazing hope rope one more time.

Featuring guest stars Andy Partridge, R. Stevie Moore, Krys O., Dave Gregory and Anne D. Bernstein!

Although there are 29 tracks on this album, you can hear excerpts of all the *songs* by clicking below (the rest of the tracks are spoken by a narrator).

You can read all the song lyrics right here.

Order a copy ($12) directly from Mitch via PayPal (or buy one from CDBaby, coming soon).