old gold 2004



double LP vinyl compilation graphic art extravaganza!

this is it , folks; 12 months (actually ten years) of pouring through our favorite unreleased music from the vaults. the variety is unholy, the quality dauntless and irrepressible. truly indispensible to any serious old gold fan. sigh, we are so proud...

Side A

01. Jad Fair and R.Stevie Moore - Under the Light 5.00
Music and lyrics composed RSM (Spunky
Monkey Music/ASCAP).
Taped at home, 1615 Forrest Ave,
East Nashville TN, 27 Apr 1976;
all inst & vcls by Operator
Moore; middle 8 features
the spoken voice of Victor Lovera.
Song originally appeared
on C90 album "PLAY"
(CDRSM 1976); reissued
(Fruit Of The Tune 1993).
Rearranged, remanipulat-
ed, relooped, resung, sam-
ples, extra electronics & per-
cussives at home in Texas,
early 2001 by Operator Fair.
This duo version originally submitted
for and appeared on "The R. Stevie Moore
Family Album, Volume 3" - V/A (CDRSM 2001).

02. Petland Toy Faktory (excerpt 1996) 2:08
03. Charlie Parker (untitled practice) 4:17
04. Bad Poet - Shadow (live 1997) 4.41
05. Morgan Guberman - China Girl Day Dream (1999) 3:13
06. C.D. (Christian Dergarabedian) & Audiodelica - Looking For (4) Chicas 2:17

Side B

07. David Daniell - Clepsydra (1998) 2:53
08. Eyeball Hurt and the Medicine - Cake Organ (1999) 0:32
09. Cheryl Leonard - Focalization Two (1996) 3:24
10. Zandosis 7 (2994)
11. How to Kick Yourself - Apathy at Mass Velocity (1997) 3:45
12. Two Geniuses - Takin' a Shit at Work 4:13

Side C

13. DangerWoman - Axel F. Theme 3:00
14. L. Contra - When Can We Dance (1998) 3:06
15. Dog - Artificial Stupidity (1999) 1:23
16. Davey Williams and Eugene Chadbourne (Live 1997) 5:10
17. Drue Langlois - ARKANSAS (2001) 1:26
18. Bon Vivants - Highway 3:30
19. Autobody (Brooklyn) 1:24
20. Untanned Hide of a Young Cow - Bliss No Start 1:24
21. Buford Highway - Wanderlust 1:50
22. Yximalloo - We Love You (Tokyo) 0:06

Side D

23. More - La Luba Mia 3:46
24. Tom Heasley & Ken Rosser 7:37
25. Gold Sparkle Band - Dental Damn (1995) 3:45
26. Die Spatzen - Morning (2002) 2:09
27. Craig - from Confessions Over Lunch tape (found) 3:09

each copy is hand-made and assembled by ben and marshall. here are some examples of their uniquity - believe it !




Golden oldies BY CHAD RADFORD Creative Loafing, Dec. 26, 2004 Over the last decade, Old Gold Records has rounded up and released experimental, adventurous and otherwise not-so-accessible recordings from an unruly stable of musicians residing in Atlanta and beyond. Artists as varied as Sebadoh co-founder Eric Gaffney to the "disabled but able to rock" local crime-fighter known only as Danger Woman have worked closely with the label. In honor of its 10th anniversary, Old Gold owners Marshall Avett and Ben Young have reached deep into the vault to churn up a 2-by-12-inch compilation spanning 10 years of the label's best unreleased material. The release, bound by a handmade sleeve, is a lavishly homespun document that coughs up a hodgepodge of noise, indie rock and field recordings. The artists included are far ranging: Eugene Chadbourne, Jad Fair, Moore Stevie R, locals Zandosis and Justin Hughes (Ladies Night/former Rock*A*Teens guitarist) performing under the name Buford Highway. The pace of the record brings each act together in a collection of raucous and totally nonlinear musical expeditions. "It's a mishmash of music," Young says. "We didn't make any rules, we just tried to pick the best stuff we had and put it all together into one cohesive package." In the case of this recording, "cohesive" is a subjective term that doesn't do justice to the artfully erratic nature of the music. "Well, it's semi-cohesive," Avett adds. "It's all over the place and a little high-end for us, but what the heck, you only turn 10 once."


old gold, p.o. box 8776, atlanta, ga, 31106, usa



Artist: V/A
Title: OGX
Format: Double LP
Label: Old Gold
Country: USA
Price: $22.00
BUY HERE (as of 4-26-05)

"You could break into our homes, pull out all the boxes and cases and drawers of tapes and cdrs, strap on headphones, and listen to the hundreds and hundreds of hours of music we have somehow managed to collect/compile/create over ten years, or you can buy this before its gone. Limited to just over 200 copies, handmade gatefold sleeves with spraypaint/collage/ distress upon each (not always at once), this 2LP compilation features the humdingers of the entire decade of adventure that has been Old Gold. With unreleased sounds from R. Stevie Moore & Jad Fair (Jad remixes RSMs "Under the Light"), David Daniell (San Agustin), Petland Toy Faktory, Charlie Parker (the band), Bad Poet, Morgan Guberman, C.D. & Audiodelica, Eyeball Hurt & The Medicine, Cheryl Leonard (Caroliner), Zandosis, How to Kick Yourself, Two Geniuses, Danger Woman, L. Contra, Dog, Eugene Chadbourne & Davey Williams, Drue Langlois, Bon Vivants, Autobody (Dymaxion/Fly Ashtray), Untanned Hide of a Young Cow, The Buford Highway (Justin of the Rockateens), Yximalloo, More, Tom Heasley & Ken Rosser, Gold Sparkle Band (original lineup), Die Spatzen, and of course Craig from the "Confessions Over Lunch" tape who really pegs what its all about. Seriously outrageous/contagious music from all walks of life provides the soundtrack to all your best forgotten dreams. "A lyrical and heartfelt blast of catastrophic, iron-clad whimsy" - Flan OBrien. Edition of 200.