Integrity INRD127 (2CD)
Street Date: Tues March 22, 2005
SRP $13.98

100% of the net proceeds are being donated to CARE for Tsunami aid in Southeast Asia


the artists

BangSugarBang BangSugarBang
L.A. band produced by legendary punk producer Geza X
Adrian Belew Adrian Belew
Member of King Crimson, the Bears;
recorded with Frank Zappa, David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, etc.
BMX Bandits BMX Bandits
Scottish pop band who have spawned Soup Dragons, Teenage Fanclub, Superstar, etc.
Michael Carpenter Michael Carpenter
Australian pop singer/songwriter/producer
Joe King Carrasco Joe "King" Carrasco
Legendary Tex-Mex artist; recorded with Michael Jackson
Chromosome Tea Chromosome Tea
Fast-rising post-punk band from L.A.
Paul Collins' Beat Paul Collins' Beat
Power-pop legends, formerly known as the Beat
Dillon Fence Dillon Fence
Chapel Hill's finest pop-rock band with soul
Dog Trumpet Dog Trumpet
Australian duo consisting of brothers Reg Mombassa and Peter O'Doherty, both former members of Mental As Anything
The Donkeys The Donkeys
Classic pop-punk band who released 5 great singles from '79 to '81
The Dotted Line The Dotted Line
Leader Scott Bennett is also a member of Brian Wilson's current touring band
Dramarama Dramarama
Rock'n'roll's finest alternative band/Alternative's finest rock'n'roll band
Easterly Easterly
Pacific Northwest pop band
Eugene Edwards Eugene Edwards
member of Russell Scott & His Red Hots, the Majestics, Atomic Bombshell, etc.
The Fixx The Fixx
After 20-something years, still one of the finest bands on the planet
Jeffrey Foskett Jeffrey Foskett
Brian Wilson
's musical director on the "Smile" tour 2004; worked with the Beach Boys, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Willie Nelson, etc.
GANGgajang GANGgajang
Quintessential Australian pop/rock band
Kevin Gilbert & Thud Kevin Gilbert & Thud
Former member of Toy Matinee, NRG, Giraffe; recorded with Sheryl Crow
Guitar Gangsters Guitar Gangsters
U.K. punk-pop band
Joanna Hogg and Nick Beggs Joanna Hogg and Nick Beggs
From the bands Iona and Kajagoogoo, respectively
Barry Holdship Barry Holdship
The ghosts of Bobby Fuller, Buddy Holly and Elvis live on in Barry Holdship
Jeremy Jeremy
Power-pop from the Midwest
The Last The Last
Thirty years of music making has not tamed the punk inside of this band. This is the first release of the current Last, featuring Bill Stevenson and Karl Alvarez.
The Letter Openers The Letter Openers
The Lolas The Lolas
Power-pop in shiny new clothes
Annabella Lwin Annabella Lwin
Member of Bow Wow Wow; the Naked Experience; recorded with Utah Saints, etc.
Ray Mason Ray Mason Band
Imagine Neil Young fronting NRBQ... only better
Midway Midway
L.A. punk/pop with a touch of electronics
R. Stevie Moore R. Stevie Moore
The Great Godfather Of DIY recordings, R. Stevie has released home-recorded albums on cassette, LP and CD since 1969
Nine Below Zero Nine Below Zero
British R&B featuring  Dennis Greaves of the Truth
The Randies The Randies
Red Elvises Red Elvises
Never a dull moment with these L.A.-based Russian rockers
Rosetta Stone Rosetta Stone
Formed after Ian Mitchell left the Bay City Rollers in the mid-'70s, RS combined elements of glam and rock`n'roll
The Rubinoos The Rubinoos
True originals in the world of power pop, Tommy Dunbar, Jon Rubin and the gang have lost none of their pop smarts and sound even better 25 years later
Eddie Spaghetti Eddie Spaghetti
member of Supersuckers
Suburban Legends Suburban Legends
O.C. punk-ska
The Sunbeams The Sunbeams
Guitar-fueled pop/rock band from Japan
Supersuckers Supersuckers
featuring Eddie Spaghetti
The Talk The Talk
East Coast band that could rival Franz Ferdinand, the Shins, etc. for your affections
The Twinkles The Twinkles
Italian punk-pop band
Underwater City People Underwater City People
L.A. pop band
Kyle Vincent Kyle Vincent
Lush pop from singer/songwriter formerly of Candy
The Virginia Sisters The Virginia Sisters
New pub-rock band from Colorado
The Waking Hours The Waking Hours
L.A.-based pop band
Wang Chung Wang Chung
Innovative new-wave legends
Bobby Whitlock & Kim Carmel Bobby Whitlock & Kim Carmel
Bobby was a founding member of Derek & The Dominos; they have worked/recorded with Eric Clapton, George Harrison, the Rolling Stones, Albert Lee, etc.
John Wicks And The Records John Wicks And The Records
Legendary U.K. power-pop)
Wonderboy Wonderboy
Band fronted by former child actor Robbie Rist, one of the most talented producer/musicians/voice-over actors on the West Coast
Wormstew Wormstew
Long Beach-based pop band


Disc: 1
1. All Over the World     2. Good Songs     3. Try Five Times [#] - Dramarama     4. Sleepy Vampire     5. I'll Learn     6. Ticket to Japan - The Red Elvises     7. Anodyne Dream - GANGgajang     8. She Is Light - The Dotted Line     9. Major Label Interest - Bang Sugar Bang     10. I Know [#][Demo Version]     11. No Way - The Donkeys     12. Go Girl - Nine Below Zero     13. In the Worst Way [#] - The Rubinoos     14. Sacred Ground [#] - Annabella Lwin     15. Once Too Often [#] - Dog Trumpet     16. Stuck in Time - Barry Holdship     17. If I Could     18. I Own the Ending - Ray Mason Band     19. Star Trek [#] - Sunbeams     20. Silver Dollar Sunday - The Lolas     21. Drive On     22. Connection     23. Fatal Shore [Live]     24. Who Will Hold You? [#] - Nick Beggs
Disc: 2
1. Bubblegum and Beer - Supersuckers     2. Someday Soon [#] - The Waking Hours     3. Another Day in Pleasantville - Guitar Gangsters     4. Blingity Bling     5. Dates - R. Stevie Moore w/David Gregory     6. Survival in the Wild - Adrian Belew     7. Spring 1913 [#]     8. It's My Fault - Jeffrey Foskett     9. Akasha [#] - Wang Chung     10. If You Knew [TW Walsh Remix] - Easterly     11. Lady Luck [#]     12. When You Give Your Love to Me [Live]     13. You Will Dance Again - Kyle Vincent     14. Rising Stars [#]     15. Here We Go Again [#]     16. We're the Kids     17. Moron Man [#] - Wonderboy     18. That's Just Wrong [#]     19. Cu Ru Cu Pa - Joe "King" Carrasco     20. Normal Town [#]     21. It Doesn't Get Better Than This     22. Peanut Butter [#] - The Randies     23. End of Time - BMX Bandits     24. Thinking About You - Michael Carpenter     25. Beautiful [#]



Here is what somebody wrote about the CD on www.nwoutpost.com

I suck at reviews but I can tell you that this is a fantastic collection of melodic pop, punk and other offbeat goodies. I was only familiar with 13 of the 49 artists but was very happy with most of the stuff I hadn't heard of.


Ganggajang's ultrasmooth song of song titles! Dillon Fence (they have a Best Of?! I'm gettin' it.) The Donkeys rockin' "No Way" The Red Elvises "Ticket To Japan" The Twinkles. What a great, fun punk song

R. Stevie Moore "Dates" I was shocked when I saw this included here. R. Stevie is one of the most awe-inspiring artists EVER but somehow has never broken through to the mainstream. The dude can write a song in practically any style. In a way I hope he doesn't get well known because he's like my little secret that I don't want to share with anyone. I know that sounds stupid but we've all found great artists who we think only we know about and then they get popular and you don't like them as much or at all anymore. (I'm sure he'd be thrilled to hear that "Dates" is one of his best (anyone who has gotten the Chipz Mix I CD from the NWO disc exchange project has heard it.) Out of the hundreds of his albums and thousands of RSM songs we both chose this song for our CDs. Crazy! And the same version too...I believe there are about 6 or 7 versions of this tune that he put out on one release. I would urge anyone to read the R. Stevie Moore entry at the Trouser Press website and then start out with his Greatestits. Great stuff.

But my favorite track has to be "She Is Light" from the Dotted Line. Oh my God. I LOVE this song and it's playing in a continuous loop on the computer. I'm a sucker for melodic power pop (which Of Hands And Hearts is chock full of) and this is one of the best examples I've ever heard. Yummy.

Thanks for the great collection Spaz!