Mechanized Death

01. Subway Batman
02. We Got The Beat
03. Roaches
04. Truth
05. Nations
06. (Is This?) Anger
07. CVS
08. Decadance
09. Los Locos

Steve Stadtmauer-voice
Jon Skolnik-guitar
Kenichi Sugihara-bass

Recorded at Mix-O-Lydian Studio, Boonton NJ
Thurs 20 June 1985
Engineer Don Sternecker
Producer R. Stevie Moore (1st sessions)
Overdubs & remix postprod by M.D.

Remastered from cassettes to CD
28 Aug 2003 by the producer

(Live set)
10. Summertime Blues
11. Nations
12. Roaches
13. It's Like That (Run DMC)
14. Decadance
15. Los Locos
16. CVS
17. Actions Speak Louder Than Words
18. Anger
19. Green Acres
20. We Got The Beat (Go-Gos)
21. Subway Batman

(studio 1st rough mixes)
22. Subway Batman
23. We Got The Beat
24. Roaches
25. Truth
26. Nations
27. (Is This?) Anger
28. CVS
29. Decadance
30. Los Locos

Mech Death would like to thank absolutely no one at all except for the following: R. Steevie Moore, Gene (our bodyguard bouncer roadie supreme), Chris and SchMegan (Gidget goes punk), Chet (Eddie Van Halen goes punk), Carrie (Buffy goes punk), John Groves in the dark (Punk goes Mechanic, BMW even!), Sacred Denial, NJ Head Bangers, The Queebes, Crazy Rhythms, All the girls at CVS, Mike from B.S. Monthly (the Zine that's full of it), Ian MacKaye, Saturnine, anyone whoever lent Jon a guitar, anyone whoever came to see us, anyone who gets this tape, and anyone we missed.


big thanks to Harry Baggs for photo at top and reconnection process.

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