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British tabloid THE GLOBEMAIL reports:


DATELINE Bloomfield NJ SUNDAY NOV 6, 2005 : : :

RSM (as told to Harry Palmer): We went to the WFMU Record Fair on Saturday in Manhattan... had a blast, the place was mobbed, schmoozed, didn't spend ANY money on discs (1-broke, 2-already own everything, 3-who cares anymore!) --- but 2 incredible events transpired:

Looked over on one dealer's wall behind his table and there it was on display: an original Vital Phonography LP for sale for $150!!! First time ever I've seen one of my records on a collector wall!




And later on, we spotted David Fricke!! Went and introduced myself, and he seemed very glad to see me again!! Told him, "I've been trying to reconnect with you since September 1978!" (which is when we'd first met, with Kurt Loder, read below)... He actually remembered that day!


He brought up all these memories, I was shocked... he remembered you, of course, knew about all your executive label jobs over the years, mentioned always loving Ford Theatre, and said he'd just recently gotten the TIME CHANGES album! Also commented he thought TRILOGY was still one of his fave alltime... said he grew up with it, being from Philadelphia! Then I mentioned I had plans to do a cover verion of "Back To Philadelphia" (which I really do), and he cracked up with glee. What a coincidence!

So he said it shouldn't be that hard for me to reach him at the magazine. I am so beside myself with excitement for the possibilities, but who knows if he'll really ever reply?? I have written him back again now, and am awaiting a response. He was so down to earth, jeans and jean jacket, scrounging for rare records... I tried to kinda jokingly nudge him that I was the only underground star he hadn't yet written about. So he seemed keen to hear stuff, find out more about my last 2 decades, etc. I'll be mailing him some CDs and DVDs, but who knows? It's so hard NOT to swamp him with too much material. Story of my life, the curse of over-quantity. I WILL surprise him with my specially-compiled Ford Theatre CDs.

I'm surely not much of a phone person, but I sure wish you or someone would actually try and call him at the RS offices, just a friendly shout-out. Or at least leave a reminder callback message to keep my name in his current head & on his desk. Maybe set some crucial wheels in motion.

God, his journalism celeb-cred is so huge. Boggles the mind. Mnot worthy.

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(here's Moore's full RSM/DF description for a curious friend:)

Subject: Frickertronics

When I first moved up here, March 1978, Uncle Harry Palmer already had me hooked up with Ira Robbins at Trouser Press. ("Phonography" was first reviewed in 12/77 issue.) My very first weeks in NJ, I went in to finally meet Ira, and was told he was already hyping me up to his other rockcritic buddies Kurt Loder & David Fricke, who sometimes freelanced for TP, but mainly were hired as writers for CIRCUS! So anyway, after a long summer (including several phone calls to Loder at Circus), I eventually went in and met him and Fricke at a little midtown bar, where they both interviewed me together! Early big rsm fans both. Wow, I thought my stardom was gonna come automatic.

Loder went on to review "Delicate Tension" in TP (early '79), and later on DF wrote this!!!!!:


...and yet that was the end of it! Ira continued to support and write me up in TP until it went under in 1984 (now the great website). But for years, decades, I have desperately tried to reconnect with KL & DF with no results. Especially frustrating was Loder's silence, who naturally exploded into mega-celebrity via MTV News. And Fricke of course is senior writer at Rolling Stone.

Yesterday DF was extremely friendly and genuinely delighted to see me again, remembered every little detail of me & HP and my early records and even our '78 meeting. He said he never got any of my emails. ???

Oh! BTW, that KL/DF bar meeting happened on the same day that Keith Moon died!!!!!*&^%$# Twas on a Friday. Sept 8.

Hoping now to finally get DF's attention (back) via successfully received emails (& replies) and mailed CD packages. Yeah, right!?

Criminal neglect,

RSMSNBC Update: NOV 7: Reuters reports DF successfully replied to RSM, so watch this space for further developments!