r. stevie moore

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fast forward cassette magazines
fitzroy, victoria, australia


Fast Forward FF-008/009 cassette magazine
December 1981 Annual Report Issue (double pack)

Tape 1, Side 1

01. Fast Forward Orbiter
02. Dean Richards, Peter Doyle & Orchestra - "Terra Seckt"
03. Machinations interview
04. Machinachions - "Terminal Wharf"
05. Connotations - "Lets Go Native"
06. Stand Tall
07. People With Chairs Up Their Noses - "Go To Jail"
08. The Cure interview
09. The Cure - "One Hundred Years" UK
10. O.R.D.U.C. - "Speedy" EU

Tape 1, Side 2

11. Johnny Topper - "The Case Of Missing Leave It To Beaver" serial pt 5
10. Necrophilia News Network
11. Ian Dury interview
12. JFK & The Cuban Crisis - "Office Boy meets Office Girl"
13. Jon Rose - part of "19 String Violin Music"
14. Sardine v - "Stuck On You"
15. Kraftwerk interview
16. Alan Underhill - "Silicon Sundae"

Tape 2, Side 1

01. Dead Can Dance - "Fatal Impact"
02. Article - "At The Moment"
03. Cheri Knoght - "Prime Numbers" US
04. People With Chairs Up Their Noses - "Leave Home"
05. Legion Of honour - "Red Square Errand"
06. R. Stevie Moore - "The Flavor Is Mine"
07. Height/Dismay - "Dusk"
08. John Foster's Pop Philosophers - "Kennedy Saga Part 1" US
09. Morton Taylor - "Blank Wrap"
10. Crime & The City Solution - "Moments"

Tape 2, Side 2

11. Positive Noise - "Seventh Man" UK
12. Customer Service - "Call Me Dynamic" US
13. The Invisible College - "Luxury Of Horns"
14. Bruce Pavitt - "Debbie" US
15. Mark Foster - "Thinking Cap"
16. Beats Working - "Monkey And The Rocket"
17. Alan Underhill - "Silicon Sundae part 2"
18. Guided Youth - "Weirding Nights"
19. The Same - "Time Line"
20. Public Image Ltd - edited snippets from NY riot 5-15-81 US (3:17)

(from the booklet:)

R. STEVIE MOORE is a sadly neglected force in the world of music. "When will I be famous" he cries. Well, he's been home Tapin' for over 15 years now, so his plight is certainly a hard one. Such Patience. Such Tenacity. How could we refuse to bring you a mere tip of the iceberg of his work. It seems, too, that Stevie has recently started deejaying on WFMU (New York college station). You can contact and swap tapes with him at 177 Park St, Montclair NJ 07042 USA. Send $US8.00 for a C90 of Stevie's Stuff! As OP Mag says – "no clinkers".

Watch for a Future FAST FORWARD feature on this lad.

FF-009 more info, images + audio


Fast Forward FF-011 cassette magazine
May 1982 Sex Issue

Side 1

01. Intro
02. Kid Moccassin
03. Pel Mel - "Shoes Should Fit"
04. Go-Betweens interview
05. Dorian Gray - "Priceless Dream"
06. R. Stevie Moore - "No Body"
07. R. Stevie Moore interview (bkg music: "Delicate Tension")
08. R. Stevie Moore - "Advertising Agency of Fucking"

09. The Tablewaiters - "Confrontation With A Mountain"
10. Colette and Chantelle interview
11. Red Dark Sweet - "Oh! Carol"
12. The Triffids - "You Can Keep It"
13. Blitz Classical Masterpieces
14. Turn Over

Tape 2

01. Beatrice Faust excerpt
02. Speedboat - "Sex Without Grunting"
03. The Cramps - "(New Kind Of) Kick"
04. The Cramps interview
05. The Cramps - "Drug Train"
06. Annie Beach - "Hi, I'm Craig"
07. Aeroplane Footsteps - "Latin Whisper"
08. Birds Of Tin - "Day At The Beach"
09. Bernadette Nolan - "Hi to all F.F. listeners"
10. Wildlife Documentaries interview
11. Wildlife Documentaries - "Promise Me"
12. Premier Peanut
13. Nuvo Bloc - "Beaten To A Pulp"
14. Karen Ansell - "Theme For The Invisible Man"

(from the booklet:)

In an attic, in a small town in New Jersey, surrounded by recording equipment, instruments of all shapes and sizes, mountains of tape boxes and records, R. STEVIE MOORE lives and works. For over 10 years now, he has been making his own unique music. If he has any contact with the outside world, it is probably from the letters he receives from people all over the world, writing to order copies of his tapes, cassettes and records.

That's all very interesting, but the most important thing is that Stevie makes some incredibly interesting and diverse music. Whilst in New York last November, I took the short trip by bus over to Montclair, N.J. to pay him a visit. I spent a whole day there, later joined by Irwin Chusid, Stevie's number one fan, and the man who has taken on the task of spreading his music across the world. Never have I seen such total self-sufficiency and artistic control. Stevie spends part of his day making dubs from his carefully documented recording career and posting them off. The rest of his time is spent recording (adding to his now enormous collection of material). If you'd like to know 'more about MOORE', write to 177 Park Street, Montclair NJ 07042 USA, and tell him we sent you.

Bruce Milne

FF-011 more info, images + audio

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