drd12.jpg Dr. Demento's Basement Tapes #12
Demento Society, May 2004 (promo only, not for sale)
01. "The Robot Cat", by Logan Whitehurst (Goodbye, My 4-Track)
02. "What Kind Of Cat Are You?", by Billy Jonas (Billy Jonas: Live)
03. "The 90's Song", by Alan Gordon
04. "F. People", by Ookla The Mok (O OK LA)
05. "The Starbucks Of County Down", by Trifolkal (Tao From The Mountain)
06. "Teeth Clenched", by Tony Goldmark (Rage Against The Mundane)
07. "Get Off The Phone", by Uncle Vic
08. "Patrick The Spoiler", by Throwing Toasters
09. "A Loan Again, Naturally", by Mylo Hatzenbuhler (Outstanding in My Field)
10. "I'm Goin' Ugly Early Tonight", by Brent Burns (Tropical Nuts)
11. "Bear Shelves", by Dan Hart
12. "Hug Me", by R. Stevie Moore (Nevertheless Optimistic)
13. "Does This Make Me Gay?", by Raymond & Scum (Touch It)
14. "It's All Been Done Before", by Scott Sheldon (Tickle)
15. "Sometimes Mother Really Does Know Best", by Christine Lavin
16. "The Legend Of Leslie, The Lesbian Lizard Of Lore", by The Ostrich-Back Riders (Riding Under the Influence of Dementia)
17. "Stealing Like A Hobbit", by the great Luke Ski (Worst Album Ever)
18. "Everything I Do (I Do With William Shatner)", by Warp 11 (Red Alert)
19. "Rascal", by Don White (Don White Live in Michigan)
20. "The Check's In The Mail (demo)", by "Weird Al" Yankovic
21. "The Sounds Of Sinus", by Mark Young
22. "Is It Hot In Here...Or Is It Me?", by Ellen Bukstel
23. "Morris The Moose", by Lorne Elliott (Selections from All Directions)

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