cordelia05.jpg The Miraculous Healing of the Daughter of Henry the Glass Cat - The Cordelia Sampler CD
Cordelia Records UK, March 2005


01. The Thurston Lava Tube She Loves You (new mix)
02. The Creams Santa Says (new mix)
03. The Deep Freeze Mice George Bailey Lassoes a Refrigerator
04. R. Stevie Moore Don't Let Me Go to the Dogs (DT'77 version)
05. Don's Mobile Barbers Invade
06. The Creams Sub Sub (new mix)
07. The Creams Marlene Dietrich's Make Up Man (new mix)
08. The Thurston Lava Tube Shit Weasel (different mix)
09. The Deep Freeze Mice Zoology
10. Alan Jenkins Gargling with Shelves
11. Alan Jenkins Lovely Rabbit Builds Super Highways
12. Alan Jenkins I Walk the Lion (unreleased)
13. Ruth's Refrigerator Picasso's Problem (unreleased)
14. The Deep Freeze Mice Conversation Gap Panic
15. The Deep Freeze Mice Diagonally
16. The Creams Outdoors and Indoors
17. Alan Jenkins and the Creams Unusual Calls (new mix)
18. The Thurston Lava Tube Rocket Science (different mix)
19. The Chrysanthemums They Must Have Made it with their Hats
20. The Creams Wood (new mix)
21. The Deep Freeze Mice The Disappearance of the Guard Dog
22. Jody and the Creams Margery is Dead
23. The Creams Oh Dear, What Shall We Do About the Christians? (new mix)
24. The Creams Buzzing Unobtrusively
25. Don's Mobile Barbers 2,000 Miles for This
26. The Creams Why Can't We Hit these Stupid Porcupines?
27. Alan Jenkins and the Creams They Didn't Believe Me

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