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All About Amber Dawn! :)

Well people have been bugging me to put together an idex page, so here it is! This is where you can find pictures of me and learn more about me as a person. A little about myself: As most of you know my name is Amber Dawn. I am 28 years old. I have strawberry blonde hair (completely natural btw) and hazel eyes. I stand about 5'7. I am currently in my fifth year of teaching. I am teaching 2nd grade this year. It is great to have your dream job at such an early age in life. Everyday I get up and look forward to being with those children. I feel SO fortunate to have found my passion and a job I love! As for me as a person, the inner me.....I am very deep, sensitive, and passionate. Things that drive me are : my husband, music, in-depth talks, long walks on the beach, poetry, working with children, staying up late only to sleep in the next day, shopping spending time with my friends, my family, the Lord, and laughing. I would consider myself a hard and motivated worker. I am very creative and imaginative. I sometimes feel as if I live in a fantasy world. I am a firm believer in true love and everlasting friendships. I see the glass half full, instead of half empty. I try to have a compassionate heart, especially in my work with children. I feel like children are the greatest gift in the world. As a good quote says "A teacher affects eternity; they can never tell where their influence stops." If I can spend the rest of my life making differences in people's lives, then I feel like my purpose here has been complete. So I am giving you a glimpse into my life, who I am, and the people that I love. There is so much more about me than meets the eye. I have so many people that have reached out and touched my life in an unique way. My first section is going to be dedicated to pictures of myself. The second section is going to include a lot of my family pictures and a few of my friends. I work with. The third section is going to be dedicated mostly to my family and a few friends. Enjoy :) And if you ever want to get ahold of me. You can email me at Keep in mind, I haven't updated this site in about four years. The wedding pic is the only thing recent. I'll be updating soon! Always, :) Amber

Pictures of Me!

A closeup of me
Graduation couldn't come soon enough!
A shot of me at my graduation ceremony!
A picture of me taken this past February on my birthday
Here is a shot of me pretending to be all serious!
A picture of me taken during a CD recording
A picture of me when I was very little :)
Taken of me when I did some modeling in 1996
A picture of me talking to all of you!
A picture of me taken by the bay on Ocean City, NJ
A picture of me shot on my birthday in 2000
Me without makeup! A rare sight, but it's me!
A picture of me out in the snow!
A closeup of me
Me when I did a modeling shoot in 1998 for a salon
Me looking all cute and cuddly before bedtime
A pic of me with my new 2001 Eclipse
A cute little shot of me when I was very little!

My Family and Friends

Holly and I on top of the Empire State Building in NYC
Holly and I pretending we are lifeguards! *laughs*
Me with my sister Holly at her homecoming
This was a family picture taken on Easter 2002
A picture of Holly and I on Easter 2002
A family shot
Me and my sister talking
A really good picture of our family years ago
My very favorite picture of Holly and I looking out over the Grand Canyon
Holly and I on Christmas Eve
A picture of Holly and I before her senior prom
Holly and I on the Fourth of July
A cute shot of me with my family
Another shot of Holly and I on the Fourth
Holly and I being silly in one of those black and white photo booths
This is a picture of my family and I at my college graduation
This was taken of my family at the Plaza Hotel in NYC
A picture of the family on Christmas Eve 2001
Here's a shot of Holly and on on Christmas Eve 2000
Another shot of Holly and I on Christmas Eve 2000
Silly shots of Holly and I on the boardwalk this summer
A shot of me with my sister at her pagent this summer
A picture of Holly and I on St. Patty's Day 2002
This is a picture of Kristi (one of my best friends) and I

Children Our the Future: The Children I work with daily

This is one of the third graders that I have taught whom I adore!
This is of Gabby and I during our Easter Party
This is one of all the kids I have worked with this year
Some of the girls that are in the classroom where I teach
Here is a picture of me reading with Timmy
The girls who I two angels that I babysit
These two girls are my life. I have been babysitting them for the last 4 years
Some more of the girls in my class
A picture of the little first grader that I tutor weekly
Another picture of one of my little angels
A picture one of my students colored for me on the chalkboard
A picture of me having fun with a third grade class!

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