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New Jersey

From the mind of Joe Zamecki, Atheist Activist and American

Godless Americans March On Washington

"Banish me from eden if you will,
but first let me eat of the fruit of knowledge." Col. Robert Green Ingersoll

~~Kean University God-Debate!~~
~~Was A Blast!~~
~~Click Here To Watch and Listen to it!
~~Thanks to those involved!~~

Yes, this is a good reason to
abandon Christianity:
Pastors BEATING children!...AGAIN!!

Bad Bush! I HIGHLY recommend this site.

And this one too!

Thanks To Freethinking Firefighters &
Emergency Medical Personel!

Don't Miss "Equal Time For Freethought"
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The City University of New York
Has released its 2001
Survey on Religion in America, and guess what?
Secularism in America is on the RISE! :o)
Click here to see the survey results.

~~~Bush-Picket A Blast!~~~
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~Thanks To & All The Rest!~

~~~NJ Summer Solstice Brunch!~~~
A Success!
Click Here for Pics! :o)

Just say NO to the
The Day That Counts!
July 17, 2001!

~~~AANATCON01 Pics Page~~~
We Were There!

~~~NY/NJ Winter Solstice Luncheon~~
A Big Success!(of course!)
Click Here for Pics and Report

~~Inaugural Protest 2001!~~
A Complete Success!!~~
~~Click Here for Pics and Report!~~

~~New York City's Atheists
Meets Monthly
in Manhattan
Last Sunday of Each Month
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for more info~~

New Jersey "Creator Bill" Protest~
a Success!~
click here
to see the pic and report.

~~~NJ Autumnal Equinox Brunch an Atheistic Success!!
Click here for pictures!!
32 Atheists/Freethinkers and two Green Party Candidates
Made it an Awesome Event!~~~

Don't miss The Atheist Viewpoint!
~~Now on the air in Elizabeth, New Jersey~~
~~Cablevision Channel 70~~Tuesdays at 6:30PM!!~~

~~~Summer Solstice Bar-B-Q 2000!!~~~
*Cranford, New Jersey*
Click here to read about how it went (great!)
Now with Pictures!

!!!!!Pro-Choice Rally & March in Trenton, NJ~~
Click here for report and pics!

1999 Winter Solstice Brunch/Party~~A Smashing Success!
(Click here for pictures)

On Sunday, December 19, 1999, at 11:00 AM Atheists and other Freethinkers from New Jersey and surrounding areas celebrated last year's Winter Solstice at Jersey Jim's in Hillsborough, NJ.

About fifty(50) Freethinkers crowded into the banquet room of Jersey Jim's to meet other Freethinkers, to eat a great brunch, and to learn a little about Christmas, the Solstices, and information about local Atheist group activism. American Atheists Contributing Writer/Editor Conrad Goeringer spoke at this brunch about the real origins of Christmas and the history of the celebration of the Solstices.:)

The food was great, and we had plenty of room to relax. We were surprised at the fantastic turnout, and I'm currently working out the social events calendar for 2000 for Union County Atheists. If anyone has any suggestions for party themes or anything else we can get into our calendar, please let me know.

I'd like to thank Dave Silverman for helping me organize and advertise this event. Also, of course I thank Conrad Goeringer for delivering a very informative talk. It was very well received and appreciated. I'd also like to thank Ron Barrier for advertising this to Freethinkers in New York City and then bringing a few of them. Also, the staff at Jersey Jim's should be thanked. The food was excellent, and the service as well.

I'm so glad we did this. I still say we should petition the US Government to recognize the Winter Solstice as an official holiday. Then maybe the Summer Solstice, and the two equinoxes. Few other recognized holidays celebrate a real, natural event that affects all life on Earth. To everyone who came out, once again, thank you!


Click here to see pictures from the picket!

About 18 picketers were at the Meadowlands, Continental Airlines Arena Saturday,
Oct 2, 1999 to picket the Promise Keepers conference taking place there.
It was great. We got there right at 11:00am,
and set up. There were very few PKs around, because they were all inside the arena having a conference of some kind.
Then about 11:30 the doors to the arena opened,
and thousands of PKs spilled out into
the parking lots. We were behind a fence on one
side of us, and barriers on the
other side, in a designated demonstration area
laid out by the Meadowlands security.It was a great spot because we
weren't too close to the arena, or too far away.
But we were definitely visible.
Slowly they began to engage us in conversation; very light-hearted conversation.
Soon they had all come out of the arena. It was lunchtime, and they were eating box
lunches by the thousands. By noon, there were thousands of PK men and boys in the parking lot areas, and our designated demonstration area was
literally surrounded by PKs. Every one of our people had their own group of PKs
huddled around them, soaking up our message.
Most of them seemed genuinely curious about us,
many of them saying they had never met anyone like us.
Only a few PKs got very excited and irate.
The vast majority of them were polite and reserved.
But a few of the varied dialogues got heated.
Security kept a watchful eye, stationing at least a
dozen uniformed and plain-clothes officers nearby.
Our people were the center of a great deal of attention.
By 1:00pm several PKs were telling the PKs arguing with us that it was time
to go back inside. Most said a polite good-bye,
and turned to go back inside, but many PKs
stayed and lingered with us. I met
several very kind a curious PKs. I shook several hands
and exchanged many smiles. Our people
made a point of being positive about our protest, and I think
the PKs noticed that. The only time I heard anyone saying that Atheists
were angry people, was when the loudest PK was getting
angry himself. His co-horts seemed to ignore him, until his veins were
becoming more visible. Thankfully, since we were surrounded by a great number of them,
no incidents took place. By 2:00pm,the vast majority of PKs had gone inside again,
and we were all hoarse and tired. I had no idea
they were going to have their lunch in the parking lot of the arena right when
we were going to be there, but because
of that, it worked out perfectly.

As is usual for most of our PK pickets, our group was a
loose coalition of a few groups interested in opposing the PKs.
Among the groups represented were the National Organization For Women,
Witches of the American Revolution(WAR), PK Resistance,Coalition Against PK,
Ramapo College Feminist Collective, and Equal Partners in Faith.
Yes, the conversations with the PKs were as diverse as they could be.

At this PK picket, I'm confident that every single PK learned of our
picket one way or another. It was estimated that
there were about 20,000 PKs there, and our picket was all
the rage to them. I'm convinced that our message
got to them all. Everyone in our group
seemed to really enjoy the picket, and I know
many of the PKs did too. That was high on my list of priorities: we all had fun.

Some of the picket signs we used include:

Keep Religion a Choice, Not a Law
Liberate PK Wives
These Heads Don't Bow, These Knees Don't Bend.
One Nation Under the Constitution
Keep Cults Out of Government
PK ~ Cult! Cult!
Atheist and Proud
Religion Is Myth-Information
Born Again Atheist
No Submission!
Pray In Private! Matt 6:5-6

I'd like to thank everyone
who helped make this possible, and everyone who came out.


Nothing is greater than a thinking human.

Congressional Chaplains and Their Hefty

In 1996 I decided to try to verify what I had
heard about the salaries of the two
chaplains working in the US Congress.
So I wrote to both of them.
They both responded, but in very different ways.
Dr. James D. Ford was the House Chaplain at the
time. I wrote him the following letter:

Dr. James D. Ford
US House

Dr. Ford,

I am researching certain parts of our government.
I need to confirm some public information.
It is important that I get the correct date for my research

I need to know your exact total
annual salary for the year of 1995.
I have an estimate of roughly $123,000.00/a year.
Please confirm or correct this estimate.

Once again, this is all the information I need
and it is very important that my numbers here are correct. I felt this woulbe be the best way to find this info.

If this is directed to the wrong office, could you please forward this letter to the right office?

Thank you very much,
Joe Zamecki
Austin, TX

Dr. Ford didn't send me a letter on his
own letterhead. He merely wrote
the word "Correct." on MY letter
and mailed it back to me. He wrote that just after
the last word in the second paragraph,
verifying that he makes $123,000.00/year.

Next I wrote virtually
the same exact letter
to the Senate Chaplain, Dr. Lloyd John Ogilvie.
This time I got a letter back on the
chaplain's official letterhead. Here is his letter:

United States Senate
Office of the Chaplain
Washington, DC 20510-7002

Dear Mr. Zamecki:

Thank you for writing with questions about the Senate Chaplaincy.
I am enclosing Senator Robert Byrd's history of the Chaplaincy.
You will note the historical roots of the prayer at the
beginning of Senate sessions and the role of the Chaplain.

The Senate Chaplaincy is non-sectarian and non-partisan.
The Chaplain does not represent the church or any denomination
in his prayers and work, but seeks to help
the Senators in their efforts to know and do God's will
in their decisions and leadership. In addition to the
opening prayer, the Chaplain serves as a
counselor advisor and encourager to the Senators,
their families and staffs. I am responsible for the spiritual, emotional and relational
well-being of over 6,000 people.

In response to your questions regarding our
office's annual budget, I would suggest you contact the Senate Dispersing Office.
Hope this is helpful. All the best!

Lloyd John Ogilvie

Now then. My earlier estimate of Dr. Ford's salary
was correct. My earlier estimate of Dr. Ogilvie's salary
was approx. $135,000.00. Naturally, the Senate Chaplain
makes slightly more than the House Chaplain.

What I find truly remarkable is the amount of those salaries. We all know our Congress has traditionally made some of the largest and most embarassing mistakes out of all of the US Government. It would stand to reason that either having two chaplains on duty hasn't helped, or it has actually hurt the situation. Either way, paying Congressional Chaplains is a blatant violation of state/church separation, and a rather hypocritical one at that. Dr. Ogilvie implies in his letter that all Americans agree with God's will because that's what we want our representatives to use as a guide in their work. Dr. Ogilvie couldn't be more wrong. As a tax-payer, it angers me that our government, which isn't exactly famous for being thrifty, pays these two men very well, for what is essentially an unecessary job. Certianly we have Congresspersons of many different religions, maybe even a closet Atheist or two. Just like any unlawful display of majoritarian religious icons in public places is wrong, paying these gentlemen exorbitant salaries to violate the Constitution every day is also wrong.

"Everyone's talking, few of them know.
The rest are pretending, they put on a show.
And if there's a message, I guess this is it.
Truth isn't easy--the easy part's shit."

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