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Adventures in Middle Earth

~ set in the Mid-Third Age of JRR Tolkien's Middle Earth ~

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Latest Update --- May 13th, 2008.

This Website is devoted to J.R.R. Tolkien's world of Middle Earth, and the role-playing game we play.

Latest News - After a 2 year layoff I will begin updating this website for the many goings on within recent years. Although players have come and gone, our campaign is still very active with games during the week and weekend, and as many as 10 active players.

The event description and characters available are here! This event was suggested by one of the players in my Maig Tuira scenario, whose character will make an appearance in the game.

Scenarios: Middle Earth is a large place, and to try to explore it with only 1 character or group an impossible task. So we always have multiple scenarios running at one time. A scenario may be played for as few as 2 sessions, to as many as 4 or even 8 spanning a few months. The Scenarios Page gives an overview of the story, and a synopsis of recent events.

The current scenario in New Jersey, played alternate Sunday nights, is the "The Aeduani, Last Free Tribe of Dunland", or so they think of themselves. Dunland is descending into another dark times again as the Dark Temple('Church of the Bull-god', the Gorgothans) seek to control the beliefs and intentions of Dunland for their Dark Masters. The Last Battle approaches the Aeduani, who must win against overwhelming odds or watch free Dunlanders fall under tyranny and corruption and be used as shock troops in the upcoming "Northern War".

On alternate Saturdays I run my Brooklyn group (which is mostly players from Brooklyn), and the group is "Princes of Dorwinion". In the far northeast of Middle Earth a nearly-appointed Baron Marcus has been assigned a task to prove his competence and trustworthiness to his Duke.

Here is a map of Dunland, with Dunland Tribes and Towns, as well as Calantir Border Forts.

A brand new feature, an interactive Maps page. This will include an interactive map of Middle Earth with links direct to the Scenarios. Just move your mouse over the map area to find the scenario links. This page will also have links to all the various maps and graphics of the website.

History of Website Updates - Only since July 2005.

Characters:Here are listed Famous Heroes and Adventurers of the day. Some are famous world-wide, some keep their fame hidden, and some are famous only in their own mind. Here are their stories. Also, view the "Wall of Fame", listing the names of our fallen heroes.

Game System: Here is a brief description and overview of our Game System, and as well as Game Terminology.

I include below a little "teaser" and insight into our game. Below are links to some of the Bad Guys from our last convention scenario. Here you may spy the Stats for:
  • "Gurthghast", an Elite Olog-Hai of Carn Dum.
  • "Seruganka", a Great Warg of Angmar.
  • "The Forgotten One", a Barrow-Wraith from the Barrow Downs.
  • "Ur-Ghash", a Great Orc Captain of Carn Dum.

    Character Sheet: Here is a copy of our character sheet. Note that it is in .PDF format so it will require Adobe Reader (which is a free download from Adobe) to open.

    "Character Classes". This demonstrates the abilites and bonuses for our basic 5 character classes (Warrior, Archer, Scout, Woodsman, Rogue).
    The newest 'Master Character Class', the The Crusader! as well as the Warrior sub-class --- The Blademaster!

    Current Events: Included are Current News and World Events, as well as rumours both incredibly true and believably false.

    Background: Our 'World' is set in Mid-3rd Age Middle Earth, circa 1700. We are serious players looking to change the world (or die trying) and have a little fun.

    Players and Places: This world is 'hosted' by your Web-master in Northern New Jersey, and currently includes players from Brooklyn, Rockland County, South Jersey, Pennsylvania and California. At various times this 'world' has gone'on the road', and games have been run in New York (New York City and Rockland County), Pennsylvania, and California, as well as Origins and local conventions. Games are now run (as of 2000) on a bi-weekly basis, usually on Sunday nights.

    We are currently 4 to 8 'regular' players as well as occassional visiting players. These players have from a few to 20 years RPGing experience. Some players may have as many as 7 active characters in multiple scenarios. A recent tally shows 80+ living (but not all active) characters among 28 players (past and present). I am also running a second campaign once a month in New York City at Neutral Ground for 4 to 6 players.

    New Jersey regulars: Andy Schweighardt (1988), Mike Vapnik (1994), Jeff Englert (1996).
    New York City regulars: Brian Beyer (2001), Shawn Morin (2001), Simon Mok (2001), Anderson Ramroop (2003), Richie Mok (2004).
    Guest Appearances by: Bob Estes (1981), Mike Perks (1987), Dean Norman (1995), Matt Blank (2003), Ken Richlin (2005).
    Gone but not forgotten: Cary Solomon, Carl Brooks (1988), Ken Steinberg.

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    This world is nothing more than the effort and devotion of it's GM and players. We welcome comments, suggestions, and feedback.

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