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8th Grade 1965-66
*   1965-66 SCHOOL YEAR   *

?to start off, the merry morning cruises to school with Willis & his pop; our long 30 minute waits before 1st period.

?the scary applications for the tuberculosis tests; and not hearing about them until after a gym class one surprising day; seeing the girls crying over it before our own dooms.

?fun of being "guinea pigs" in Coach Overby's Science/Health class; getting off the subject to start his wacky conversations about his Frosh football team or his cashier job at Cascade Plunge pool.

?fun of "grouping-up" in Mrs. Zuccarello's History and English classes; when the guys would make the sucker who was asked a question laugh and get in trouble.

?the funny but embarrassing issue when I arrived at school one day bald; hiding behind students sitting in front of me; the guys saying "we have a new boy."

?fun of passing weird notes around the room; and the hilarious time everyone sat perfectly still when the bell rang, instead of rioting out as we usually did; the startled look on Mrs. Zuccarello's face; an ear-shattering laughter.

?competing with Mike Santi for best grades in Sci/Hea and Math classes, but not in History and English, no, there I lost.

?the homeroom parties; playing at them with the Comets––what entertainment! How could anyone eat? But we always hogged down all the refreshments-you know, 11 brownies, a whole bag of potato chips, 17 cookies, and 3 1/2 Cokes (ugh!).

?fun of the classic Sadie Hawkins Week; much talk of Brenda Goad tagging me when the guys had me cornered; them nagging me for the rest of the year about her.

?the what-seemed-like forever waiting for the annuals, and the special day they came; what color they would be; all of sixth period signing them, and finding out your actual admirers and enemies.

?calling Steve Wilburn "Toots" and Mike Schmidt "Frog."

?lunch period; many, many ice cream sandwiches; Ricky Christian always asking to "borrow" a dime; the week me and Bill Anderson had to sit at a different table; the Indian wrestling tournaments to down the "delicious" food served.

?fun and tears of romance; that never-ending fight for Debbie Randall; the proud ditching of Barbara Mullen after the previous year with her; a small crush on Deanna Green. Not much for girls that year. Too inexperienced!

?the most popular pasttimes for the 8thers –– parties; Rick Christian's garage party; Richard Willis' den blowout; Tommy Warren's after Anderson and me coming back in suits from making an appearance on TV on SPY; Linda's parties with Debbie Randall.

?the mischievious time me, Christian, and Johnny Watson camped out in Gray's field; running through mud with Warren at Susan Garrett's slumber party; the freezing cold & when Duck (Rick) got up during the night and went to his warm home; he got up next morn to scare me and Johnny, with the tent blown over on top of us.

?the memorable Junior Y-Teen dance (my first); with Deanna Green; the horrible combo; Willis with Jean Engan; flowers for Deanna.

?the Comets on TV on SPY; nervousness.


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