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Today's Thoughts

2/16: Whoops. Looks like I left the holiday decor up for too long agaaaiiin...well, I finally decided to turn everything back to normal after receiving many emails from many confused people. Sorry bout that! Anything else...? Not really. *sigh* I've not the time to update this site a lot, but what's to add? A fanfic section? The newest, repetitave Johto episode? Atleast the network is nice enoguh to replay some Indigo leagues; it was great seeing Holy Matrimony again!
I hate to launch into this speech, but I think updating will dwindle into a minimum. When I have the time, I'll do my yearly "check-up" and fix images, spelling errors, etc. Besides that...well, it seems that Pokemon is dead to my age group. I believe that this site may take its last, graceful bow, and, in the words of Meowth, "Exit, stange left!" before the beginning of next year. By thje by, the quote beneath the banner belongs to a Percy Weasley from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I thought it fitted the site...ya know, like "watch out..." All righty, I'm going off to bed before any of you can think of another clever idea to get us killed...or worse...expelled. (That's another HP quote, heehee!!)

Welcome to the Realm. Step lively, please...

"Oh, and keep an eye on the staircases. They like to change."

Haven't been here in awhile? What a coincedence, neither have I! Check out Older Updates and Pokemon Newz

12/15: Ten days till Christmas! Yay! The Holdiay Page looks quite nice...interesting what I can do at the wee hours in the morning...Well, there's not much left for me to do...if you want to, you can email me with suggestions for next year.. **cough*cough**
Next year's plans...hmm..well, I think I'm going to ditch the idea of the episode guide, because there's just so many of them now. I was thinking of just doing the indigo league and stopping there. I don't care too much about the Johto league just seem, in the words of my religion teacher, "ver, ver, boring." Well, I'll prolly see you all in 2002! Happy Holidays!!

12/02: Heya everyone. It's 6:30 Jersey time, and I'm dead tired. My throat is screaming in pain, and I sound like I smoke like a chimney. But I'm still gonna update, because I love all of you...<--That's the tiredness talking. Anyways...well, as you can tell by the festive holiday music and the red and reen font patterns I've got going on, it's safe to say I've been busily preparing for Halloween. Ha-ha! Only joking. I've been trying to keep the "Christmas" theme down to a dull roar, if you notice, I used a very nuetral song for the front page.
I plan to update "Christmas Gifts for Our Fave. Characters" changing the title and add some more people to the list. My holidays, meanwhile, are going to suck for many a reason, the first being the weather. For the next 3 weeks, Jersey's going to be having the most abnormal winter temps possible--we're talking 50, 60 degrees. So, it may not be beginning to look a lot like Decemeber for me, but it sure as hell will be for Da Realm.
So tell me about the look... You like? There's more to it than this! Go ahead and see... For now, it's Jess, wishing you Happy Holidays!!

11/29: An update! Well, you see, I can explain my absence..what? You say, you didn;t miss me? Oh. Well, I was busy in Drama and whatnot all through October and early November...but I am back! Nothing is changed...but this weekend I'll 'deck the halls' a bit and give this place a good old Christmas-y look! ttyl!! ---Jess

9/15: Hey everyone. I picked a bad time to take a leave of absece. But I'm back. Due to the recent attacks on the U.S., I've decided to postpone updating for awhile, until things blow over. It just wouldn't feel right, you know. This means I prolly won't be able to get the birthday edition of the Rocket Realm up. There will be other birthdays. It's the least of my worries. But I have some thoughts on this tragedy:
This recent tradegy has affected us all on our level of security. After I saw footage after footage of the planes crashing into the WTC, the plumes of smoke that ruined the sky, and finally, the collapse of the towers... I just felt sick. I knew now that I would never be able to look at the NYC skyline the same way again. I knew that America was no longer the "invincible" country everyone thought it to be. I knew that the cleanup would take weeks, maybe months. I wanted to leave the country altogether.
But now, I'm feeling alot better about it. In the past few days, our focus has gone from "Lets hunt down those damn Arabs" to "Lets pull together as a country and stand strong." That's patriotism for ya all the way! While it's kind of sad that it takes a national tragedy for us to fly our flags, I still believe that the way we all just want to pull together, do what we can for the victims is awesome. Last night, my friends and I went out to the corner of a busy road, lit candles and cheered for our country. Every time someone honked their horn I got this great feeling, like we were doing something to help. Then we started sing "God Bless America" and people with their windows open were going, "Louder!" It was so great. My heart goes out to all the victims and their families.

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