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SuperiAire Airedale Terriers

SuperiAire Airedale Terrier Kennel Welcome to SuperiAire Airedale Terriers. We breed potential Champion puppies that are intelligent and watchful. They have a good sense of humor. The fathers are specialty champions (i.e. Westminster) and the mothers are American Champions. All are bred to be Companions first and Champions second. My puppies are highly intelligent clowns. They are loyal & protective and therefore make excellent watchdogs. They are very even tempered, trustworthy and playful. Perfect for preteen and adolescents. They enjoy attention and have the classic terrier heart and energy level. Since we have allergies we pay particular attention paid to tight coatedness which is not only best for dog lovers with allergies but also best for the show ring. Our dogs love people and attention. They are eager to please. They are intelligent and will try (and often succeed) to outsmart you. They can be trained easily with attention and praise. We are located in North Western NJ, near Lake Hopatcong. You can reach us at

As you can see the Airedale Terrier has become a big part of our lives.

Here are two puppies from a previous litter at a very young age. As you can see they are extremly cute, and very loving. We breed so our dogs will be intelligent, even tempered, loving and protective. They make very good pets for children over four. Our puppies are beautiful and are show quality.

Our Two Beauties

They love the outdoors, especially with the whole family. We love spending time with them, we even take them on trips with us, and you just know that the trip would never have been the same without them. They love going anywhere; especially when they meet new people, they love it.

If you want to, please take the time to leave a note on the guestbook on the next page. I hope this gave you a better understanding of Airedale Terriers. Alicia, Liberty and Lynn at

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"Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot about puppies." ~ Gene Hill

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