Eternal Senshi
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Welcome! These are images of SailorMoon from the Manga verson. Which, to me, is the best of SailorMoon there is... at least they don't CENSOR homossexuals relationships, transsexuals, sex...well...some...But, enjoy the ones I have. Most of the pictures are from SailorStars.

Group picture of all the Senshi in Eternal/Star form laying down in a circle. 223 KB.

Most of the main people from the SailorStars. Including, Serena, Darian, ChibiChibi, Rini, Princess Serenity, Sailor ChibiChibi Moon, Luna, Artemis, Diana, Eternal Sailor Moon, and the other 9 Senshi in Eternal/Star form. 270 KB.

Another group image including, Rini, ChibiChibi, Serena, Darian, Sailor Cosmos, Sailor ChibiChibi Moon, Trista, Amara, Michelle, Hotura, Lita, Mina, Raye, Amy, King Darian, Neo-QueenSerenity, Princess Fireball, Princess Rini, Luna Ball/P, Luna, Artemis, Diana, and many many more. 232 KB.

Last group image with all 10 Senshi in Etenal/Star form in 2 rows, Outer and Inner rows, with Eternal SailorMoon in the center with a full moon in the background. This is my favorite image out of the SailorStars. 66 KB.

The Inner Senshi in a row from the picture above, in Eternal/Star form. 160 KB.

Another Inner Senshi picture. In Eternal/Star form. ChibiMoon, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and Mercury. 36 KB.

Human Luna sitting in a crescent moon. I think it's from the SailorMoon S Manga artbook. I'm not too sure. 42 KB.

Sailor Mars in Eternal/Star form with wings. 19 KB.

Sailor Mercury in Eternal/Star form with wings. Very cute. 22 KB.

Eternal Sailor Moon with a crescent moon in the background. 137 KB.

Another Eternal Sailor Moon image with her leaping infront of a crescent moon with a pink background. 101 KB.
SD Sailor Moon looking over her shoulder with Luna next to her with a crescent moon in the bacground. This image is transparnt. 18 KB.
Sailor Moon putting her hand on her forehead where the Crescent Moon sign is and it's glowing. She had a dak bacgroung with a crescent moon surrounding her head. I like this image alot. 245 KB.

Outers in a row with Eternal Sailor Moon on the side. This is a cut from the last group image I showed you. They are all in Eternal/Star form. 158 KB.

Princess Serenity on a throne from the Inftily artbook. This is very purdy cuz of the blues. 128 KB.

Rini holding Luna Ball/P sitting on a crescent moon with Tokyo below her. This has a very colourful background. 138 KB.

Transparnt Rini from the one above. 19 KB.

Some of the Senshi standing. Pluto, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, and Neptune in Eternal/Star form. 108 KB.

Some more Senshi standng. Saturn, ChibiMoon, and the 4 Astored Senshi. All in Eternal/Star form. 505 KB.

Sailor Uranus in Eternal/Star form with her hand on her hip. 8 KB.

Sailor Venus and Uranus standing around. Uranus having her hand on her hip and Venus standing infront of her. 92 KB.