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Quotes from The Dragon Reborn

And his paths shall be many, and who shall know his name, for he shall be born among us many times, in many guises, as he has been and ever will be, time without end. His coming shall be like the sharp edge of the plow, turning out lives in furrows from out of the places where we lie in our silence. The breaker of bonds; the forger of chains. The maker of futures; the unshaper of destiny.

Moiraine p.91-"The Seals are weakening, Perrin. Some are broken, though the world does not know that. Must not knoe that. The Father of Lies is not free. Yet. But as the seals weaken, more and more,which of the Foresaken may by loosed already? Lanfear? Sammael? Asmodean, or Be'lal, or Ravhin? Ishmamael himself, the Betrayer of Hope? They were thirteen altogether, Perrin and bound in the sealing, not in the prison that holds the Dark One. Thirteen of the most powerful Aes Sedai of the Age of Legends, the weakest of them stronger than the ten strongest Aes Sedai living today, the most ignorant with all the knowledge of the Age of Legends. And every man and woman of them gave up the Light and dedicated their souls to the Shadow. What if they are and out there waiting for him? I will not let them have him."

Moirane p.93-"Callandor will be but one fulfillment of the Karaethon Cycle, as his birth on the slopes of Dragonmount was teh first. He has yet to break the nations, or shatter the world. Even Scholars who have studied the Prophecies for their entire lives do not know hot to interpret them all. What does it mean that he 'shall slay his people with the sword of peace, and destroy them with the leaf'? What does it mean that he 'shall bind the nine moons to serve him'? Yet these are given equal weight with Callandor in the Cycle. There are others. What 'wounds of madness and cutting of hope' has he healed? What chains has he broken, and who put into chains? And some are so obscure that he may have already fulfulled them, although I am not aware of it. But, no. Callandor is far from the end of it."

Min p.99-"An Aielman in a cage. A Tuatha'an with a sword. A falcon and a hawk, perching on your shoulders. Both female, I think. And all the rest, of course. What is always there. Darkness swirling 'round you, and... I don't know what they mean but they're important. The Things I see always are. If you meet a woman . . . the most beautiful woman you've ever seen . . . run! Just take my advice. If you forget the rest, heed that!"

Verin p.692-"I fear we may have to deal with them again. They spoke of themselves as the Forerunners, or Those Who Come Before, and talked of the Return, and of reclaiming this land as theirs."

Siuan Sanche's letter p.181-"What the bearer does is done at my order and by my authority. Obey, and keep silent at my command.
Siuan Sanche
Watcher of the Seals
Flame of Tar Valon
The Amyrlin Seat

Nynaeve p.191-"Remember that body, Egwene. Remember that he tried to kill you. Kill us. Remember the Black Ajah. Remember them all the time. Becasue if you forget, just once, the next time it may be you lying dead. Did you notice what Sheriam did not mention? She never wondered who stabbed him."

Siun p.213-"He was ordering soldiers. In a battle two thousand years gone, I would say. The Old Blood comes again."

Lanfear as Selene p.224-"You are more important than you yet know. Certainly more important than these so-called Aes Sedai know. You can have glory, if you know enough not to trust them. A Darkfriend? One of those pathetic followers of Ba'alzamon who think he will give them immortality and power? I follow no one. There is one man I could stand beside, but I do not follow."

Verin p.237-"It is a direct translation, mind, and reads almost like a bard reciting in High Chant. Listen. 'Heart of the Dark. Ba' alazamon. Name hidden within name shrouded by name. Secret buried within secret cloaked by secret. Betrayer of Hope. Ishmael betrays all hope. Truth burns and sears. Hope fails before truth. A lie is our shield. Who can stand against the Heart of the Dark? Who can face the Betrayer of Hope? Soul of shadow, Soul of the Shadow, he is-'"

Siuan Sanche p.267-"You are washed clean of Egwene al'Vere from Emond's Field. You are washed clean of all ties that bind you to the world. You come to us washed clean, in heart and soul. You are Egwene al'Vere, Accepted of the White Tower. You are sealed to us, now."

Mat p.349-"Bad habits pay off in the long run."

Gaul p.395-"We search, we look for He Who Comes With the Dawn. Tear? Why...? But it must be. Prophecy says when the stone of Tear falls, we will leave the Three-fold Land at last. It says we will be changed, and find again what was ours, and was lost.

Faile p.349-"Perhaps I will call myself Faile. My father used to call me that, when I was little. It means 'falcon.'"

Aviendha p.439-"It is said that once, before the Breaking of the World, we served the Aes Sedai, though no story says how. We failed in that service. Perhaps that is the sin that sent us to the Three-fold Land; I do not know. No one knows what the sin was, except maybe the Wise Ones, or the clan chiefs, and they do not say. It is said if we fail the Aes Sedai again, they will destroy us."

Aviendha p.443-"'Blood of our blood mixed with the old blood, raised by an ancient blood not ours.'"

Elayne p.445-"'On the slopes of Dragonmount shall he be born, born of a maiden wedded to no man.' Egwene, Rand does look like an Aiel. Well he looks like the pictures I have seen of Tigraine, too."

Aludra p.475-"You wish me to tell you all of my secrets? I am grateful, but I am not in love. That secret, not even the Guild knows, for it is my discovery alone. I will tell you this much. When I know how to make it work properly, and work only when I want it to, sticks will make my fortune for me."

Moiraine p.498-" Heed me, Lan. Should I fail, you will know it, and you will be compelled to return to the White Tower. I would not change that even if I had time. I do not mean you to die in a vain attempt to avenge me. Take Perrin with you. It seem the Shadow has made his importance in the Patter known to me, if not clear. I was a fool. Rand is so strongly ta'veren that I ignored Perrin and Mat."

Moiraine p.237-"The Forsaken are loose, and one of them rules Illian."

Rand p.649-"Do you believe you can frighten me so easily, Forsaken? Ba'alzamon himself has hunted me. Do you think I will cower now for you? Grovel before a Forsaken when I have denied the Dark One to his face?

Be'lal: "Is that what you think? Truly, you know nothing."

Lanfear's letter p.224-""Lews Therin was mine, he is mine, and he will be mine, forever. I give him into your charge, to keep for me until I come."

And it was written that no hand but his should wield the Sword held in the Stone. but he did draw it out, like fire in his hand in the Stone, and his glory did burn the world. Thus did it begin. Thus do we sing his Rebirth. Thus do we sing the beginning.