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The Story of Knobachu

You may wonder "What is a Knobachu?" You may have looked here out of curiosity or you had nothing to better to do. I give you the story of how Knobachu was created.

My father and I had two free coupons for a Yankee game and the last homestand arrived. There were four games left, from Friday to Monday. We planned to go on the weekend but then we saw. The ticket said only weekday games. We couldn't go on Monday so we were forced to go on Friday. Pokemon night.

As you may remember Alfonso Soriano got his first hit that game, a game winning 11th inning home run. While that seemed to be the highlight of the game the underlying hero was Chuck Knoblauch. He had a leadoff home run and a 2-out game tying single in the bottom of the ninth. Pokemon night's player of the game was Chuck Knoblauch.

You probably see where this is going but you may ask, "Why Pickachu?" "Is it because he is the most well-known pokemon?" No. My father noticed Knoblauch and Pickachu had many things in common. They are both short and energenic. Go to a Yankee game and watch Chuck between innings. He bounces up and down like an exicted little kid, and you know he is one of the shotest players on the roster. At the time Knoblauch had bleached his hair so he was yellow, like Pickachu. Thank my father for this odd creation. I put him together but it was only my point of veiw.

*Please excuse me Knobachu does have 4 ears. I KNOW! Don't E-mail me about it. Thank you.*