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Yellowstone Wolves

In Remembrance of Wolf #10


The 1995 Yellowstone wolf reintroduction united two wolves whose amazing lives and legacies will be forever etched in the annals of wolf restoration. This website was created as a labor of love in remembrance of one of those wolves.

Wolf #10 was the pride of the Yellowstone wolf reintroduction program and the Alpha of the Rose Creek pack. This is the story of his remarkable life, his heartbreaking death, and his extraordinary contribution to wolf recovery in Yellowstone National Park.

This website also reflects my longtime commitment to the Wolf Reintroduction Program. I believe that only through education and public awareness can we help to ensure the long term survival of not only our Yellowstone wolves, but also endangered and threatened wolves everywhere.


The Following Story Is In Three Parts

Part 1 - The Story of Wolf #10

Recounts the unforgettable life of Yellowstone Wolf #10 and the incredible relationship between two of the wolf
reintroduction program's most beloved wolves.

Part 2 - The Rescue of #10's Family

About the all-out effort to save the lives of a lone and isolated female wolf and her 8 newborn pups.

Part 3 - The Legacy

Dedicated to the famous 1995 litter - the first wolf pups to be born in Yellowstone National Park in over 60 years!


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