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The Leaves from the Tree of Yvonne Gibbs and Huarchia Green

The Leaves of the Tree of Yvonne and Huarchia Green Carla Green m. David Price
Felicia Price
Kimberly Price
Cameo Price
David Price

Sharief Hameed m. Saleemah
Kaleed Hameed
Raqueeb Green
Saeed Hameed
Hajjada Hameed
Aliyyah Hameed
Walidah Edwards
Grandchildren of Sharief
Imani Edwards

Audriene Green m. Walter Bishop (1st husband)
Dorian Cline (2nd husband)
Walter Bishop m. Sheryl
Dorian Cline m. Sonja
Romero Cline
Grandchildren of Audriene
Maya, Aliyyah, Walter, and Brian Bishop
Nadir and Idris Cline

Jan Green m. Bernard Francis
Teshawn Green
Bernard Green m. Cheryl
Rahjon Francis m. Stephanie
Grandchildren of Jan
Isaiah Green
Earl Armstrong, Bernard Jr., Alexis Green
Nathan Francis

Marcellus Green

Yvonne Green m. Len Mc Daniels
Len and Gerald Mc Daniels

Constance Green m. Leon Collins
Leon Baseem Collins

Byron Green m. Faye
Byron II, Brittoney, and Brooke Green

Dawn Green m. Chris McDowell
Chantel and Christopher McDowell

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