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he Welcome to the Bubblegum Crisis stories page

Bubblegum Crisis: City of Darkness - by Bill LaBarbera. My first attempt at a BGC fanfiction.

Part 1 Part 2 - under constructionBubblegum Crisis: City of Darkness

The Bubblegum Zone - by Bert Van Vliet. If you are a BGC fan, than this series is not to be missed, the characters and story are just, plain awesome!!! Bert has just posted Zone 10 to his site. This link will take you to the download page for his stories which are in .zip format.

True Love - by Jeanne Hedge. A well written and dark story showing one reason why the charachters changed so much between Crisis & Crash. And with all of Jeanne's stories, a must see.

Part 1

Best of all The Years, I - by Chris Davies. This is an excellent cross-over story, BGC/Sailor Moon, with Priss winding up in the Silver Millenium ruled by Queen Serenity and not being too happy that she is stuck there.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Best of All the Years, II - by Chris Davies. This is the sequel to Chris's first story. If Priss thought things were complicated before she reads Sylia's diary, she's in for a major shock.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Bubblegum Chakram - by Chris Davies. Another good cross-over story, BGC/Xena. Priss & Xena trade places, Priss ends up in ancient Greece with Gabrielle and Xena finds herself in Mega-Tokyo and with the Knight Sabers.

Bubblegum Collision - by Douglas Reeves. The Knight Sabers meet a new foe and a possible ally against GENOM. This is a dark story, but it's well worth your time.

Part 1 - Complete

Bubblegum Collapse - by Douglas Reeves. The Knight Sabers and their new member are relaxing after their victory over GENOM, but all is not as it seems. This is the sequel to Bubblegum Collision and is even darker than the first, but it's still worth reading.

Part 1 - Complete