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Nifty Links

Please don't steal my pets. You can get your own little buddy at the Unicorn Friendship Center.

Get your Unicorn Here
You can get a unicorn or pony there.

*Horse Sites*

Kristen's Horse Homepage
Equine's of the World
Kachoom's Show-jumping Zone
Onewish1's Homepage
The Equestrian's Domain
Barney's Stall
Life's A Dance
Mel's Horse Haven
Amy and Star's Awesome All Horse Website
Horses, Horses, and More Horses
Go For Wand first page
The Oleo Ranch Homepage
Horse Heaven Hills
Fireweed's Cabin
Norsire Farm
Sheath Cleaning Made Funny

*Horse Organizations/Breed Sites*

The Ultimate Horse Resource
United States Equestrian Team
American Quarter Horse Association
Appaloosa Horse Club
American Morgan Horse Association
BLM Adopt-a-Horse
Turanian Horse Website
Gypsy Vanner Horse Society
A Zorse Of Course
Breeds of Livestock
Equine Rescue Network
Hooved Animal Humane Society

*Pedigree Search*

Thoroughbred Pedigree Research
Appaloosa Pedigree Page

*Equine Genetic Pages*

University of California Davis Equine Genetics
Equine Coat Color
Colour and Colour Inheritance in Horses
Equine Genetics

*Miscellanous Sites*

Icestalker's Page of Poetry and Rambles
MeeMster's Puzzle Page
My WeIrD pAgE
Ises's View Within
Jan Hare's Homepage
Ryan's Homepage
Accident Prone
Devil Cat's Lair
Cyber Corner

*Search for Lyrics and Things...*

Lyrics Search
Guitar Tablature

*Take a Break...*

The Spark
The Flying Cow
New Smile
Dance...Please Step Back From The Computer