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Carol's Speech and Language Disorders Professional Resources

These sites will give you information about specific speech and language disorders, articles you might wish to share with your clients or their parents, lesson plans, and materials


American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)
New Jersey Speech and Hearing Association
New Jersey Department of Education - Special Education
Net Connections for Communication Disorders and Sciences
Speech Paths
Speech Therapy Activities
A monthly online newletter with lesson plans, links, and ideas.
Council for Exceptional Children (CEC): Division for Children with Communication Disorders
Speech Delay Discussion Group
A wonderful resource for parents of children with speech or language delays.
Communication Connects
This site is dedicated to speech/language pathologists, educators and parents, encouraging development of functional communication skills in children in all environments. Included are informational articles related to fostering good communication, a story-making machine, forums, links which include IEP goal ideas, fun therapy activities, organizational forms and much more.
SLP/AUD Directory Project
A directory of websites pertinent to speech language pathology and audiology.
Speech Therapy Ideas
Speech Therapy Blog with lots of good ideas to use with your clients.


By His Side - Life and Love after Stroke by Fastrak Press- By His Side: Life and Love after Stroke is a courageous story of determination, hope, patience and love as stroke patient John Quann and his wife Eileen work together to recover. After coping with the initial terror of the stroke, they are faced with the challenge of living with and recovering from aphasia, a communication disorder that affects a person's ability to understand, speak, read or write.


Apraxia Kids Homepage
This site includes information for parents and therapists
Children's Communication Apraxia Research Education Foundation
Developmental Apraxia of Speech (ASHA)
Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia


Children's Speech and Language Disorders
How to Help Your Child Get the Most Out of Speech Therapy
Oral Motor Therapy Homepage


American Academy of Audiology Website
Allena's Hearing-Speech-Language Site
I especially like the anatomy of the ear section. There is also a helpful list of links.


Resources for Augmentative Communication


Autism - Beyond Autism
Autism-PDD Resources Network
Language Images
This site includes a forum for discussions, posting articles, and a calendar for conferences. They also have an information page with descriptions of how to create and implement visual supports for adults and children. Some ready-made schedules are for sale.
Picture Exchange Communication System (by Pyramid Educational Consultants)
Tinsnips is a special education resource. It contains tools for teachers of individuals with autistic spectrum disorders, related developmental disabilities, and children with special needs. Quite a few of the activities are also appropriate for Pre-K and Kindergarten. Great FREE materials to download. :)


What are Central Auditory Processing Problems in Children? Fact Sheet from the Learning Disabilities Association
Central Auditory Processing Disorders Links to various resources for CAPD.


Wide Smiles, Cleft Palate Resources


American Sign Language Browser
An online dictionary of ASL by Michigan State University. Search for a word and learn the sign.
American Society for Deaf Children
Better Hearing Institute
Cued Language Network of America
Cued Speech Information Daily Cues
Handspeak - A Sign Language dictionary
Hard of Hearing and Deaf Students: A Resource Guide to Support Classroom Teachers
Interactive Sound Ruler An interactive tool to teach clients about loudness levels of various environmental sound and how loud is too loud.
Language Matters
National Cued Speech Association - official website
National Cued Speech Association - additional information
National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders


Dysphagia Online
A "one stop internet shop" for anyone wanting information on dysphagia and its treatment.
Dyspahgia Resource Center


Early Childhood Language Development Chart (0 - 6 yrs)
What's normal and when should you be concerned about your child's developing language skills? (Kidsource/US Dept. of Education)
Early Identification of Speech-Language Delays and Disorders (ASHA)
Finding a Voice: Perspectives on Language Acquisition by Anne Pycha
A good article on language acquisition at Brain Connection.
Questions and Answers about Child Language (ASHA)
Information about Speech and Language Disorders National Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities
Language and the Adolescent (ASHA)
Language Based Learning Disability (ASHA)
Speech and Language Development Chart (Learning Disabilities Association of America) This is a handy chart showing normal development as well as what you can do to stimulate language skills at each age.
Social Communication A site developed by the University of Washington that defines social communication, reviews formal assessments, provides references, and more. Worth looking at for those children with functional communication disorders.


Beckman Oral Motor Therapy
Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson's Talk Tools


Beginning Reading And Phonological Awareness For Students With Learning Disabilities
PALS Resources
Learning to Read - Tips for Teachers


Gail Goetz Kervatt's resources for selective mutism.


Answers to Questions About Stuttering (ASHA)
The Australian Stuttering Research Centre
Good information about stuttering and its treatment
Information for Parents of Disfluent Children
Provided by The Stuttering Center of Western Pennsylvania
National Stuttering Project
Stuttering Foundation of America
Stuttering Prevention
Stuttering Home Page


Answers to Questions about Voice (ASHA)
The National Center for Voice and Speech
Of special interest are the pages on research and vocal hygiene .
The Larynx A good anatomy lesson on the larynx or "voice box". You can even download a movies of the vocal cords in action!
Prevention of Vocal Nodules
A good source of information by Michelle White, a student in communication disorders from Marshall University.
A Singer's Notes: Preventing Vocal Nodules
from the Wake Forest University's Center for Voice Disorders
The Voice Center at Eastern Virginia Medical School
provides a web site devoted to describing disorders of the voice and the larynx. It contains good information on vocal anatomy as well.
Maintaining a Healthy Voice
A website from The Voice Center at Eastern Virginia Medical School
Teachers: Take Care of Your Voice

HOMEPAGES BY OTHER SLP'S - These are worth looking at! You may find other links and activities for therapy.

Speech Pathology - A Growling Old Geezer's Therapy Tool Box

Jennifer Potter's Speech/Language Games
An SLP designs online games you can use with your clients for therapy

Let's Learn About the Letter S

Caroline Bowen's Homepage
An SLP from Sydney, Australia provides information for families, SLP's, and students of communication disorders. I especially like her articles on word retrieval, speech development, and voice problems.

Alicia Courville's Speech Therapy Homepage

Leslie's Cyber SLP Page
Leslie tells how she uses computer programs with her students.

The Speech-Language Pathology Website
Leslie Styba provides excellent information on speech/language development and disorders.

SLP's and Inclusion
Wyoma Clouse's Literacy Programming Website includes suggestions and a list of books for using literacy in an inclusion program.

Joyce Wallaces page on Communication Disorders
Contains an A to Z reference on communication disorders

Sharon Parisi's website - "Exemplary Practices in Incorporating Storybook Reading into Language Therapy"
There is a good review of the literature as well as a recommended booklist for use in therapy.

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