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Carol's Speech and Language Disorders Publishers of Speech/Language Materials

In addition to materials, you may find forums, newsletters, and lesson ideas!!

ABA Materials
CD-ROMs with pictures and program to print your own flash cards

Academic Communication Associates

ADVANCE for Speech-Language Pathologists & Audiologists
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American Guidance Service
Shop their online catalog, find out about workshops and conferences, and read their informative newletters.

Augmentative Resources
Resources to enhance communication and language skills.

Cognitive Concepts, Inc
The makers of the popular Earobics educational software program for teaching the auditory and phonological awareness skills critical for reading and language development.

Communication Skill Builders
One of my favorite companies

WordWeaver Report Writing Software

Check out their educational software including the Speech Viewer III which creates entertaining, interactive displays of speech, as clients focus on a single speech dimension such as pitch, or on complex speech patterns in running speech. So, clients can actually "see" what they say.

I highly recommend this easy to use software program. You can choose from thousands of images to create your own flashcards, games, take home sheets and more. Great value for the price! Check it out!!!!!!

Great Ideas for Teaching, Inc
Request one of their catalogs online. I just ordered some new things for school and I can't wait to try them! They look great! Delightfully illustrated materials.

Gus Communications, Inc
Speech output and computer access software similar to Boardmaker

The Hanen Centre
Resources for language development, birth through 6 years

Holt Educational Outlet
This company calls itself "the Earth's largest toy store". They have lots of toys useful for therapy with young children at reduced prices.

Kay Elemetrics Corp.

Learning Fundamentals

Lindamood-Bell Homepage

One of my favorite places to order materials from. Excellent tests and companion remedial programs.

Parrot Software

Phonics Game

Playful Puppets
These puppets are just too cute! They even have articulable tongues and teeth! I have the Moose and he is adorable.


The Psychological Corporation

Remedia Publications

Speech Assessment and Interactive Learning System, is a computer-based approach to phonological therapy that focuses on the importance of providing children with precise auditory input during all phases of the therapy program.

Sandbox Learning Education Tools
Materials especially helpful for children with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome

Singing Sounds
This is an album of songs for learning early speech sounds (ages 2 to 7). Includes the titles "Rain, Rain Rolling Down", "Stuart the Snake" and 10 more!

Singular Publishing Group, Inc.

Sonida, Inc - Software for Speech, Language, and Auditory Processing Therapy

Speech and Language Video Company
Videos for home practice

Speech Bin

Speech Dynamics, Inc.

Super Duper Publications
Another of my favorite places to shop for therapy materials!

Data collection tablets for articulation.

Thinking Publications

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