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Hello! Hey people. My name is Habib! I'm an Arab. (No really I am) You guys might think me insane(not just because I'm arab)...but also because I love villains. HECK! Who doesn't like villains? Sephiroth is most probably the best villain I've seen yet. He wants to become a god, destroy the Earth, and he likes to mess up people's minds. I think Squaresoft has done an exellent job creating this insane villain in Final Fantasy VII. I applaud the creators of FFVII.

How'd they get a name like Sephiroth?

Oh boy. This is some spiritual knowledge that I don't think you guys care about...but what the heck? Its a good sapce filler.Sephiroth (or Sefirot) is a name that comes from Kabbalah a Jewish system of beliefs. This system was a way to understand the nature of God and how people relate to Him. The relationship is explored through magical symbols (the most important one being the tree of life)

The Tree of Life consists of ten spheres, called Sephiroth (sing: Sephirah) interconnected by twenty two paths.1 The symbol itself along with the Sephiroth are open to interpretation.

Where'd they come up with the name of his sword, Masamune?

Well, to answer that question we will need to warp back to fuedal Japan. With this portion I get the help from my buddy Masabumi.(He's an anti american Japanese fanatic dude = > P ) Well anyway. Masamune was a supposed sword that had a great deal of sharpness and strength. This katana blade really kicked. I wish I had one like it.

How do you guys like that picture? (You know...the one UP there). See Sephiroth isn't your average villain. He likes to burn towns up too. He he he...Now you guys might think I have no life but I really do! I play FFVII and do other I play FFVII! See I do have a life.


Here is some history on my buddy Sephiroth...

Sephiroth, as you guys already know is an evil guy. He used to be the top officer in a group called Shin-Ra. Well one day he found out he was an experiment! And he went crazy! He thought he was an Ancient. But the only thing he really had was Jenova Cells injected into him. Now Sephiroth's dad is a mad scientist named Hojo! Hojo did some woman named Lucrecia...and well Lucrecia got preganant. While her baby,Sephiroth,was in her woumb it got injected with Jenova Cells! Ooh wow! And so when little Sephiroth was born he was very very powerful

Have any of you guys ever BEATEN FFVII?? I mean ever REALLY beaten it? You know...killing Ruby Weapon, Emerald Weapon, and getting all the secrets. No? I didn't think you did. Well I have and it's all thanks to a thing I know called a walkthrough. No, well actually I beat the game with the help of my good freind Prickish. He's an Indian dude. He doesn't smell either! But you gotta remind to change his clothes once in a while. He, just like me, has no life. Together, we pondered the depths and secrets of FFVII. So if you wanna find out some helpful hints in FFVII just email me which is so conveniently placed at the bottom of the page.

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