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Jaimee's Def Leppard Page-Leppard Pawse

Okay everyone.I've done a bit of an overhaul here.From now on this page will just be my incessant rambling and your answers to my strange DL questions.Sound good?Okay cool.Well,first thing I want to talk about:I just got my own copy of the videos for "Work It Out"/"All I Want Is Everything"/and "Slang".I gotta say,they are the same amazing Lep vids we're all used to.I especially love "Slang".Well,if any of you have seen them too,let's discuss.I'll write something new ASAP.Luv you all-Jaimee aka Viv PS)Thanx to all of you that have signed my guestbook.Keep it up.
Def Leppard Ring of Fire
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Here's a quiz.E-mail me with what you think and I'll post the coolest responses.Here are this weeks questions:

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