My shit ass poetry.....yummy

Are your Means Justified

Why should I believe in you
Filling my head full of lies
You preach love
But you condemn with hate
Are your means justified?
Your words enter my head
like rusty nails
Piercing and aggravating my rage
The epitomy of hypocrisy
you preach peace
But you bring on the trumpets of war
with fear you create your crew
hey believe without questioning your lies
Prejudice and dogmatic quests
How can you hate someone you never knew
Are your means justified?
Raise your hands to an empty sky
Living a hopeless life
Hoping for better times,
when you're under the moist soil.
When your brain's dead
but it was already gone.

I Pledge Allegiance to What?

I pledge allegiance to my ass
I pledge allegiance to a country that has offered me
Nothing but sugar coated lies
I pledge allegiance to a country that sends people off to a war
That has no relevance to freedom only to economic alliances
Why the fuck do we pledge allegiance?
Are we brain dead?
Have we lost our true selves in television sets?
If so then I have been a victim

Cardboard Boxes Have Feelings Too

Feeling like an empty box that will never be filled up.
My hands are Transparent and so is your head.
I can see through your apathetic lies.
My rudimentary instincts tell me to defend my hurt pride
But physical pacifism restrains me
From even uttering a syllable of hate out of my larynx
The hate that keeps being fed,
Everytime you take something out of my cardboard box
Which will soon be taken as well
And then you shall pursue other weak prey,
Until you have satisfied your prime evil selfishness
Soon you'll realize that cardboard boxes are not ignorant.
We are recyclable and we shall come down on you with extreme vengeance
One that will ooze out every single fiber of your being
And you shall be buried under the compost of your victims

My Television

Unknowingly and unwantingly submerged into a world
Of horrible hypocrisy and evil euphimisms
Brought into a planet kicking and screaming
Through the loins of your bearer of life.
Never truly wanting to come into this world
But selfishly never wanting to abandon it afterward.
Meeting mass exploitation where the weak and feeble minded
Are forced to enslave themselves and feed...
The glorious rich from their silver platter.
A world where we can never question their AUTHORITY
They create egocentrism and diluted media
To keep our brains sedated from our REAL concerns.
Thus creating mass brainwashing and flooding us with shitty pop culture
The largest heap of tripe ever invented by friendly fascists
And so we all follow the shepherd and fall dowb the cliff...
ONE ....BY ONE...BY.............ONE....

Frozen Seperation

Long, thick icicles dangling and laughing
Over our "oh so" ignorant heads.
Then fall and seperate us,
Forming a frozen wall of uncertainty dividing us.
Will the radiant heat that my heart emits
Be able to melt away the jagged icy wall
That eternally seperates us?
Or will I fail because you are already frozen to the bone
Frozen by the enchanted Ice Queen.
Even your tears have ceased.
There you are frozen in time
Barred from all human emotion
Now I am old and all alone
And you, trapped by the Queen's undying spell of lust.
And so I am trapped in my own illness
Your unreciprocated LOVE....

No Need For A Title

There`s no logical explanation towards why it happened
Just that we subconciously willed it so
To think that a stranger could become someone u luv
It boggles the conformist
Like a child discovering new things
The excitement that is raised
It`slike a drug flowing through my veins
Dancing u and I in a valley, inhalling the sweet smell of our own 2 bodies
It feels as if we`ve known each other all our lives
Or maybe in a past life where our romance ended tragically
Like that of Juliette & her Romeo
So we meet again my soulmate,
for we are unseperable in the hands of time and death.
2 fulfill the wish of the stars
Someday I shall hold u in my arms AGAIN...............


Most people ponder upon the past and others keep thinking of the future
But I choose to live in the present
Of course I feel alone when i am on that train of thought
But then I can truly feel the world moving under my feet
Inspecting microcosms below me and macrocosms above me
It seems there are infinite things for me to learn
My insatiable lust for knowledge may lead me all over the world
But only through my imagination
For my yearnings will never be satisfied
I am simply another speck of dust in the "valley of ashes"
Where being alone creates less social problems
and this poem has made no sense whatsoever
Please ignore the jargon I have just written
But of course it is too late
Since u already read it

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