Bands that Rock my Feet

most bands have been a great influence in my life...simply because they have been playing music out of the love for it....not just for the money on this page I will offer you some of the bands and other sites I feel deserve some recognition
A band which can raise a riot in my mind and tears of sadness and joy the next...Many other bands follow their style but none can compare to their skillful mastering of human emotions..The raw energy of chaos giving birth to melodious sounds is incredible...and if u think i'm bullshitting then that's ur opinion not mine. They aint paying me to say this shit.

My band was fortunate enough to of had the opportunity to open for these guys . Their set was filled with sheer energy, enough to blow the house down. skooch provided extra entertainment with the KISS makeup.
If you like food, and the Bass Master. If u think conformity sux and growing up is for losers well then you've found a band that will be ur soulmate for life. Now if only i could hypnotise Milo into reforming the descendents then I'd be the happiest byrd in the world!
This site has got all you need to know about the toasters: interviews, photos diskagraphy. Now if we only we could get these guys to play again in Montreal.
The band whose singer has the cutest english accent in the world...they go from thrashing guitars to poppy ska rhythms..i love a band with versatility.
Their cover of the Batman theme song is amazingly energetic. And the energy they offer live left me with my mouth open.Thank goodness a moon ska band came to Montreal.
when are these guys gonna come up here, or will I have to kidnap them and bring them here myself!!

These guys show ultimate energy and tightness...You gotta remember how to do the Manta Ray dance though..The brass section composed of only two guys can blow ur mind...i dont know what theyre on but they're like the energizer bunny..they keep going and going

learn how to dance the rocksteady and show off to all ur buds on ur new dancing skillz. while u are at that site check out the band Steady Earnest..

No Rules: bouncing souls site.

This group epitomized the "driving my car at full-speed on a highway" kind of song. This 11 year old band havent lost their punk rock touch yet.

X Ray Spex

with a set of vocal chords like Polystyrene you could bring down all the walls of human oppression..This amazingly energetic punk band brought us out of the Bondage and into the self awareness of our evil vampire society

finally a website that honors all the great women that have influenced ska in the music world...from the 1st wave to todays 3rd wave

This site is from illustrious Vincent X and features everything you'd want to know about the Montreal and the rest of Quebec's music scene, : punk, ska, oi, rockabilly, etc.

Check out these London Ontario dudes if u're into skacore and punk..I'm getting their demo if you want one too go to their site and see what Angry Agency is all about.

The Slackers are a 7 piece ska band based in New York City. The band was originally founded as a 5 piece in 1991, and they're still going strong touring the US.

Madness will always bring the nutty dance on a grey day...Oh yeah and Suggs is on the Avengers movie soundtrack...

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