These bands got me dancing in my bedroom


Billie Holiday

No one can ever compare to her soft voice. And even those who try shall make utter fools of themselves. A woman who's life was filled with tragedy as well as historic moments in the world of Jazz, Billie is one of the most memorable jazz vocalists along with Ella Fitzgerald. If you're feeling down or in the mood of relaxing or even romantic just pop in a Billie Holiday album and you'll see how good you'll feel inside.


Many many years ago in the late 80's i listened to Belinda Carlisle and she had become a POP music singer, her songs appealed to me the 6 year old but what i didnt know back then was that she was in an even better band back in the early 80's: and that band was named The Go-Go's...Their music suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks 2 years ago but i then forgot about them, then just this weekend a song that i use to love "We Got The Beat" played on a local radio show...damn I nearly fell off my bed out of excitment. I copied that song into an empty cassette and the other song, "Our Lips Are sealed" I have now sworn to love them until the day that I die....although nowadays the Go-Go's are no longer together i can still relish in their old music, that they were playing when i was only in a crib. I dont know how to explain why i love them so much, maybe its cause i can relate to their lyrics, or maybe its because belinda use to be in The Germs ( with Darby Crash)...Or just the energy their music offers...its almost like a breath of fresh air listening to the drums beating and the sweet beatnik bass and the surfy yet punk/pop guitar sound....Damn all i can say is that those girls make me feel good to be a singer in a band, I can look to what they did and it motivates me to try my best in life..= )


®××®®××®The Descendents®××®®××®

Milo and the gang!!!

What would one do without the great antics of Milo and his gang? Even though they are not together anymore (sob)(sob) one can still listen to them and look at there sexy centerfold pictures on the net. I remember listening to them when I was 14 years old and laughing at the stuff they talked about. I laughed because the Descendents could take an everyday story and make it into a song, from going to a fast food restaurant to asking someone out. And everytime I listen to them they still keep my youth in tact. One thing is for sure that growing up does suck, if only they could of found the potion for eternal youth. Eternal youth at HEART that is cuz most grown ups I see have no clue what it is to be a teenager anymore, (especially my parents *cough*cough*. Okay so if you havent heard anything from these dudes I suggest you haul your ass to my band links and check out these great artists (I aint getting paid to say this). Descendents may be gone but shit they still kick punk ass and no one will ever come close to their status in my heart.

××××××××××××Judge Dread××××××××××××

Click on Judge Dread's picture to hear a tribute show for a man who has graced us with unimitable wit and dirty jokes..

Judge Dread may have been the most unserious person in all of music history. After listening to songs like Up With the Cock I guarantee you should be on the floor laughing your ass off, unless you got something stuck up your ass. Our dear Alex unfortunetly is not with us anymore. At least he died doing the thing he loved, no not sex....performing!! Its a shame he was banned from the BBC cuz he could of given Benny Hinn a run for his knickers. The one thing I love about Judge Dread is that he could of been very egotistical about his "big ONE" but yet knew that the rest of his physical characteristics were slightly flawed. Its a shame there isnt anyoneas good as him in the music industry who can continue in his foosteps of crossing over the line of taboos with humour. I have to admit that most of his songs were pretty cheesy but thats what made them special.

Could sid of been an alien or part of the Killer Rabbits??that is the question that late twentieth century scientists are pondering upon. He was a very complex man who probably, was never understood by anyone except Nancy Spungen his counterpart until death, and what a death she received...But yet that mysterious lost look in his eyes makes me more and more attracted to this waste of flesh of a bassist...hmmmm Sid what is it??? what do you want from me eh eh eh???bloody bloke!From the moment I first laid eyes on this social outcast my heart melted and blended into an admiration of the dead and dumb...Killing oneself and ones wife while being on heroine aint the most luxurious and smartest ways of dying...But what can I say, humans always mess up, but yet sid could still be an alien ..he could of been taken by the spaceship from Heaven's Gate except he was wearing leopard pants instead of NIke shit shoes(Nike sux)

was Sid Vicious a man or an astroman...and why am I attracted to him
Gimme ur kit-kat bar or else......

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