here are some of my local droogs

The Mayor Of Ganja City is right up better not mess with him cuz he's a ninja.. and one of my good friends...With a struming of his guitar he can whipe out an entire auditorium of amateurs..oh yeah and did I tell you he's the guitarist in the same band as I am in...He likes the Equalizer

here is my sweetie pie Inessa with DeanO....with these two your life will never be boring, and whats cool is that they dont come in a box, thanks for keeping me laughing when the shit was low!!!!!

and this is my handsome sk8drpunk from Idaho...he's the greatest..wunder what he's doing now? probably creatign chaos among the peaceful villagers....well keep on reaking havoc...give them (bacon) a taste of their own medicine...

here is my skinbyrd friend Pussycatchafia!!!!!!!hahah.

here is The 10 piece ska band,which I sing in...hmmmm all these heads are hiding the rest of the band

here is my PUNKY....thats his pseudonym from me...when this dude gets a little bit tipsy he can give real great HUGZ

ahhh heres two guys that have got great taste in music Pattt(my homie) and Dave...In the backround is my school, those orange lockers we've got make me wanna puke

this is a band whom I'd love to be friends with...but they don't even know that I exist..ah well at least I know what a great band they are

Here's Pat from Portland, he stalks me from time to time, very very EVIL!!! Actually he's a very sweet guy, who is one of the few that understands whats wrong with this world today...cheers to ya baby

more friends to come hold on to ur pork pie hats