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My sweet sk8drpunk's site has all the links to the good shit on the web...from being punk to theories to the unearthing of society's evil plans of globalization.

Zooass: the funniest site on the net, send someone real funny postcards and evil computer pranks.

Noam Chomsky archive...This Anarchist professor at MIT can show you the real deal about Capitalism...The truth shall be revealed, no more LIES.

Find out what really happens in the world...ZNet is the online magazine that will offer you the real scoop

Check out Tim's page that takes us on an adventure of sweedish punk chiquita dudes named Millencolin , his bladding and snowboardin adventures and then brings us over to his crazy concert going...or whatever else the master has to offer us.

Le ska, ca vous interesses? Alors visitez le site de Guillaume He's got album reviews and Montreal ska show dates...All the average ska fan wants.

Lin's insight on Montreal's music scene from ska to punk and all other stuff in between...she also possesses powerful ET powers....

From Crust punk to the edges of bagpipe punk and ska, this guy knows what real music is all about...If you aint down with police brutality this site gives u a place to clean out ur angered soul...check it out!

Lowell's page about Punk

Hot Water Music

dodododadada is all I want to say to you......

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