In Memorary Of.....

Sad news received this beautiful day of May, 2023. Handsome Chili has passed. He was a wonderful dog and his owners are terribly saddened by this boy who went everywhere with him and loved to meet new people! RIP dear Chili.

Our heart breaks for Lorrain Zdeb on the passing of her little Tia on April 29, 2017. We imported Tia from Canada in 2003 and she has been with Lorrain since she was a year old. We are glad that little Minnie Mouse is there to snuggle with her during her grief.

We were so sorry to receive an email from the Hilla family that they lost their beautiful Bailey on 8/26/16. We are so sad when this happens, even though she lived a full and happy life. Our condolences to the Hilla family and thank you for being great owners!

This was our first "BAD" phone call of 2016. You know when the phone rings late at night, it is always bad news. It broke our hearts to hear that Goodie (Sherjak's Good And Fancy) passed at 15 years of age. He was a treasured member of the Franklin family for many years. Goodie was a typical Papillon ambassador, making friends where ever he went. He will be missed terribly by family and friends alike.

We are devastated at the loss of Lisa in Aug. of 2016. She acquired a virus at a dog show that her system was not able to combat, despite the very best efforts of our veterinary team. She was a delight to live with and we miss her terribly.

We are sad to announce that Wayne and Marty Cellio lost their beloved Dusty on Feb. 10, 2015. He was the last lemon & white Papillon we produced out of our beautiful Ch. Sherjak's Fancy Acclaim. Little Dusty was 15 years old. We are so sorry for his owners.

In June of 2012, we received a call from Rosemarie Fleming to tell us about the loss of their Jamie at 17-1/2 years of age. Jamie was a son of our Tallyho and his dam was Arielle. Our condolences to Rosemarie & Walter. Sadly, this is a photocopy of a picture of him, so not the best quality.

We were sad to learn of the passing of Jamie from We received news of the loss of a very special friend this January, 2012. The very handsome and much loved Beau Belford lost his battle with cancer at age 16. Our deepest sympathy to his owner Judy. we are glad that she has our Ely there to help her through this terrible loss.

The beginning of 2010 brought us to our knees. Only 2 weeks after Asia and her son, Cash, went back home to live with our co-owner, Ron, they were hit with a virulent case of Parvovirus and Asia was dead within 24 hours. Also lost to this disease was her housemate, Iggy. Her other housemate, Nico, clung to live at the emergency hospital for several days and thankfully made it through. Only little 9 week old Cash tested negative for the virus. It is so hard for me to look at her two daughters in my kitchen and not break down in tears. I can't believe little Asia is gone.

We are devastated by the untimely loss of our beloved Ch. The Pines Rolling Thunder, VP, SOM. Thunder was our official greeter - he loved to tear into the living room and dive onto the sofa and laps of unsuspecting customers, thereby startling them with his enthusiasm. He would then snuggle into their bodies and show them how much a Pap likes to be petted by lifting up their hands with his nose. Thunder loved those soft little latex toys - he loved life, us and toys until the day we lost him. We feel so empty.

Just when we thought we had no tears left after losing Thunder, we made the decision to euthanize Ch. Sherjak's Fancy Acclaim (Peanut) two weeks later at age 16. Peanut loved 4 things in life: Jim, dog shows, cashews and me - probably in that order. It was a toss up between the cashews and dog shows. She was a sweet and unassuming dog, she loved puppies and was a great mom. From a conformation stantpoint, she had the best sidegait I've ever seen on a Papillon. She was so exciting to watch flying around that ring with her beautiful long coat. How I miss her.

Anther passing that has been extremely difficult for Jim and I was the loss due to kidney failure of my "heart" dog, my beloved Smudge (Sherjak's Smudged Fancy). I was not ready to face life without him as he was only 12 years old. He is one of the few dogs buried on our property in a quiet tree shaded area, filled with flowers that I visit daily. Smudge was one of the Famous Five "Fancy" litter. Sparingly shown and champion pointed, he was never bred.

Ch. JC-Sherjak's Thrill Chaser

We had such high hopes for Thriller. We believed him to be our "once in a lifetime" dog and hoped to help pilot his show career to the Number 1 spot. He was a kind and loving dog - everyone adored his sweet nature. Unfortunately, our beloved Thriller was poisoned in his new owner's backyard by, who many believe, was a jealous ex-husband. Thriller was sired by our Ch. Skorr's Talisman, SOM out of the lovely JC's Jezebel, DOM. He left behind the little Ch. Sherjak's Demitasse who is now living with Wanda and helping her heart to heal.

Ch. Sherjak's Mighty Fancy

Butchie was tragically lost from what started out to be vomiting from ingestion of rawhide and ended up with him aspirating his vomit and dying overnight while in a veterinarian's care. PLEASE people - do not give your dogs rawhide. They cannot digest it. And do not leave your dog overnight at a veterinarian's office unless they have 24 hr. nursing care. Butchie was owned and adored by Robin Mercer.

Ch. Sherjak's Mighty Fancy

Our wonderful little Chip died on March 6th, 2005 at 5 months of age after acquiring the "new" canine influenza which he battled for two months. Just as we thought we had won the battle, our little darling seizured several times and died. We are just devastated at his loss. Not since Thriller have we had a puppy that we were so impressed with.

December 20, 2007 News: We are devastated about the loss of our beautiful Tootsie/Jet son, Max, who just left here 2 weeks ago and was only 12 weeks old. An aunt brought her 11 year old Lab mix to visit the Potosky's after a trip to Petco not knowing there was a new puppy in the house. It happened in seconds. The Lab snapped at Max, puncturing his head and breaking his neck. This why we do not allow our Paps to go to homes with larger dogs. However, I never thought to question them about another family member's pet. You can be sure I will from now on. We are devastated and shudder to think of poor little Max's last moments. Now two wonderful pets are dead as they decided to euthanize Caleb as well.

Here is a picture of Max as Jim and I last saw him. We're sorry Max - we let you down.

The Sloves family loss their pretty little SuzieQ at 2 years of age when she sniffed out a wasp nest in their back yard and was attacked by a swarm of them. Despite the best efforts of the fabulous UPenn, Suzie didn't survive the attack. We are so sad for her family.

Jan. 11, 2008: We knew the time was coming, but didn't want to admit it. Where did the 17 Plus years go? They went by in an instant. We had to euthanize our Feather (CH. Sherjak's Fancy Feathers, DOM). She loved to float in the pool with friends - even let us put foolish hats and sun glasses on her! I loved her more than words could express. Here she is on her float and also in her bed she got for Christmas.

May 11, 2009: We received news today from Shirley Miller that her daughter's dog, Monty, died this morning. Kathy and Dave treated Monty like their oldest child and he gave them 16 years of love and devotion. We are so sorry for their loss.

August 22, 09 - I am so sad at the passing of this beautiful little dog. Perry was born with a wide open fontanel and kidney disease at the worst possible time in my life - my own mother was dying. Sherry and Bill Duhigg graciously took him into their home and took care of him when I could not. When it was time to take him back, Bill wanted to keep him. And that is how Perry came to live with them. We expected him to die in a matter of months. He lived for 7 years. In the end, his body failed him. He was loved greatly. And greatly is how he will be missed.

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