Our Winning Papillons

These beautiful puppies are showing in 2019 and are all pointed towards their Champion titles. We are extremely proud of these puppies and grateful to their owners:

First is our own lovely Maddie: Honeykist Getchya Summa That Sherjak. Maddie is a daughter of Miss Meghan and Milo.

Also, Maddie's handsome littermate, Nikko (Sherjak's I Gots Charisma) owned by Roma Tesche.

The stunning Roma (Sherjak's Roma Round The World) owns Robert Mairunteregger and Martin Amado. She is a mighty little contender in a small package. Roma is by BJ and Jagger.

Caspian (Sherjak's Reepicheep Sails East) is making a name for himself in Florida along with his wonderful owner Jennifer Wells. Caspian is by Mia and Milo.

The new kid on the block for 2015 is our Jagger (Sherjak's Over The Moon). He started his show career at the Greater Delaware Valley Papillon Club Specialty on May 3, 2015 where he took his first points from the 6-9 class. We can't wait for this beautiful red boy to grow up!

We begin 2014 with no less than FIVE Margo kids that are rushing to finish their titles. Not only are we proud of these dogs and their owners, we are extremely proud of Margo's fantastic producing ability. She has produced top show quality progeny in every single litter. She is what dreams are made of.

Leading the pack is our own Reggie (sired by Ch. Zelicaon Brigadoon). He needs 3 points to finish.

Then there is the beautiful Sammy, owned by Lydia Heise. Sammy is the oldest of the Margo boys and also needs 3 ponts to finish. He is sired by my Ch. Donshar's Sweet Casper.

Also in the running is Jasper, owned by Colleen Biavati. Jasper is Reggie's littermate. He needs 6 points to finish his title.

Our handsome Miles is also major pointed, however, he has developed a distaste for the show ring and we are holding back on showing him for awhile. He has stayed home and has sired some beautiful puppies instead.

And finally, the boy that everyone is talking about, MICHAEL. The baby of the family, owned by Kenny DeGioacchino. Michael won both his majors from the 6-9 puppy class and has just now moved to the top of the pack by winning WINNERS DOG at Progressive on Feb. 7th for a 2 point win. He now just needs 1 point for his Champion title.

Candy Girls

Not to be outdone by the boys, the two littermates, Bliss and Phoebe are also winning this year.

Here is a picture of Bliss who is owned by us.

And here is Phoebe who is owned by Lydia Heise.

2014 Hopefulls

And finally there is a Margo GIRL! The only one she has ever produced. Lindy has tried getting her feet wet in the show ring a couple times in 2013, I predict next year will be exciting for her. Lindy is Michael's littermate

And too cute for words....here is the baby in the house...Katie!

More Winners

Here is the BRAINS part of the family, the magnificent LEO (Sherjak's Renaissance Man of Pyragon), owned by Rhonda Dalton. Leon is burning up the rallye and obedience rings.

And more great news about Leo: His owner, Rhonda Dalton, has added all these titles to his name: Sherjak's Renaissance Man of Pyragon, RN, RA, RE, CD. She tells us that his CDX is the next title they are working toward. we are SO thrilled for them.

More winners we are proud of are the very handsome Miles....

And our beautiful Emily....