The Truth About Vaccines And Diet

As a Natural Breeder, we do not vaccinate our dogs as we practice Natural Immunity which I will gladly discuss with you if you are interested. VID (Vaccine Induced Disease) is a REAL disease and we choose not to play Russian roulette with our dog’s immune systems. Here is a quote from Dr. Jason Rowan, DVM which should help you decide what is right for your pet: "Everytime you vaccinate anyone - whether human or animal - you're putting them at risk of brain damage, epilepsy, autoimmune hemolytic anemia, cancer, leukemia, some 80-plus autoimmune diseases, allergies and sudden death. Even if you only do it once. These conditions might not arise immediately, but days, months or even years after the shot".

There are two ways to provide immunity for your puppy. You can either practice Natural Immunity as we do, or you will have to vaccinate your puppy. One is risk free and healthy (Natural Immunity) and one opens up your puppy to a lifetime of disease.

Dr. W. Jean Dodds is a world-renowned hematologist who has advised all 27 Veterinary Universities to change their vaccine protocols. Dr. Ron Schultz is the Chairman of Pathobiological Sciences at the University of Wisconsin. His challenge study results form the basis of the AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) vaccine guidelines. He and Dr. Dodds are at the forefront of vaccine research in this country. We have spoken to both of these doctors and attended Dr. Schultz' seminars on vaccine protocols. We care enough about the health of our dogs to do all that we can to insure their long and healthy life.

In the beginning......we used to bombard puppies with vaccines at 6, 8, 10, 12, and 16 weeks of age, then again at a year and every year thereafter. I cringe to remember how utterly stupid we were. That our dogs lived in spite of our ignorance is a tribute to their strong genetics! When vaccines were originally produced, vaccine manufacturers had no idea what the immunity of the vaccine was. The technology just wasn't there. So they decided that one year was as good a guess as any, and it had the added bonus of getting those pets in to see a veterinarian on at least a yearly basis. It made the vets happy - it had no basis in science.

Well now we can measure nearly anything. We know that improper diet, vaccination, genetics and environment are the cause of all disease. We know that dogs should no more eat processed kibble than you should eat boxes of Lucky Charms or Cocoa Puffs. And we also know that vaccination can kill.

If a vaccine is given to a puppy, a titer should be run 2 weeks later to confirm that he is producing antibodies to the disease. If he is producing antibodies, that vaccine he had provides lifetime immunity. If another booster is given, the antibodies from the first neutralize the second and there is no affect as far as boosting the antibodies. But here's the clincher - that second vaccine may very well start to break down your dog's immune system and open the door to a lifetime of disease.

Now if you choose not to believe all the research that has been done about vaccine damage, this is the new schedule for vaccinations as told to me by Drs. Dodd and Schultz:

12-16 weeks of age the core vaccines (Distemper, Parvo, Adenovirus Type 2, Parainfluenza and Parvovirus) at 1/2 dose. No further boosters on this.

6 months of age: Rabies at 1/2 dose. Then booster every 3 years. The three year booster has nothing to do with the current knowledge about immunity. It is an outdated government requirement.

For up-to-date information on the dangers of vaccines, please visit these websites:

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What About That Food?

A dog's teeth, jaw and short digestive system identify him as a carnivore. Being such, dogs are not designed to chew and digest a cooked grain based cereal (called Kibble or Dry Food). Commercial food contains inferior ingredients, and these inferior ingredients are further rendered useless by being cooked which destroys ALL water soluable vitamins and 80% of everything else.

Commercial nutrition, along with over-vaccination is the direct cause of allergies, auto-immune disease, gastro-intestinal problems, diabetes, bloat, hip dysplasia, most cardiac disorders, thyroid imbalances, reproduction disorders and diseases of the coat, eyes and musculature.

We, therefore, neither feed nor recommend a commercial diet for our dogs. All of our dogs are fed only natural whole raw foods on a daily basis.

There are several methods of feeding raw food. All are good, and most we have tried. Some are more involved than others and we encourage you to research on your own. The only bad food to give your dog is a cooked food, chocolate and onions. Now isn't that easy to remember? Your dog can eat whatever you eat. The only difference is that he eats it before it's cooked.

Dogs are unable to break down the cellulose walls of vegetables, so all vegetables must be processed in a juicer, food processor or blender. If you choose to give your dogs meat, vegetables and fruits, the ratio is 80% meat/bones and 20% vegetables and fruit.

Ch. Berman's Roi-L Candide, VP, SOM

Here is a picture of our Candy at almost 19 years of age. It was taken the day he won the Veteran's Class at the Greater Delware Valley Papillon Club's Specialty show. What better proof is there ?

And here is his beautiful great-great granddaughter going for her first taste of a pork neck bone at just 3-1/2 weeks of age!

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