Sherjak Current Stud Dogs - At Stud to Approved Bitches

Raised with love, shown with pride....We hope you enjoy viewing our magnificent Papillons both past and present! These are the dogs we are currently using in our selective breeding program.

The goal of any breeder who is in this sport for the long haul - the ones I call the "keepers of the breed" aspire to acquire the titles of Sire and Dam of Merit, or Sire and Dam of Distinction on their dogs. These titles are awarded by the Papillon Club of America to dogs that have produced a high number of Champion progeny. To breeders like myself, this is the ultimate title we seek to for our dogs. It is one thing to show a dog to its Champion title - and we ackowledge that requires a lot of hard work and dedication. But the ULTIMATE goal is to produce dogs that are capable of consistently producing progeny that are of such high quality that they can become Champions of Record. We are proud that our breeding program has produced FIVE such titled dogs: Ch. Sherjak's Fancy Feathers, DOM (Dam of Merit); Ch. Berman's Roi-L Candide, SOM (Sire of Merit), and Ch. Skorr's Tallyho, SOM (Sire of Merit), Sherjak's Sheer Bliss, DOM (Dam Of Merit) and Sherjak's Over The Moon, SOM (Sire of Merit).

Russian & Am. Ch. Houm Tet A Tet Maestro, CHIC #133446, PRA, NAD, VWD and Factor VII Clear!

The New Kid On The Block is Russian & Am. Champion MILO! We were fortunate to import Milo in July of 2018. He amazed us by immediately enjoying Florida living by floating and swimming while he learned a new language - English! He quickly finished his American Champion title in October of 2018. He is DNA tested clear of PRA, NAD, VWD and Factor VII and has his CHIC number. To date he has one Champion progeny and several more that are very close to finishing. A SOM title is definitely in the near future.