Alphabet Soup! What about all those acronyms before and after a name?

The American Kennel Club (AKC) was formed in 1884 to promote purebred dogs. It is a registry body for purebreds, currently recognizing over 170 individual dog breeds. There are 5,000 dog clubs in the US that hold affiliated events for AKC registered dogs. Some are National Parent Clubs like the Papillon Club of America, some are local specialty clubs, like the Greater Delaware Valley Papillon Club, and others are devoted to performance events (obedience, agilty, tracking, lure coursing, herding, etc.). These member clubs hold shows and trials according to the AKC rules and it is AKC that issues the Champion titles and Performance titles to the winners of these events. The AKC is the only purebred dog registry that conducts kennel inspections to ensure the health and safety of the dogs. And in 2000 it instituted a DNA program for the purpose of parentage verification and genetic identity. This means you must to be able to prove that Mr. Stud dog is in fact the breed that you say he is, and that he is in fact the sire of the litter, and not Mr. Stud Dog Wannabe next door. Once the DNA program was a requirement for breeders, the puppy millers, dropped like flies. Care to speculate WHY? At any rate, they would not submit their dogs and litters for DNA testing. That meant that their offspring could no longer be AKC registered.

So the puppy mills decided to create their own Registry for their dogs. That way they don't have to prove anything about their genetic make-up, but they can still give buyers "papers" - worthless though they are.

It seems to us that many of these companies are intent upon deceiving the buying public. For instance, one of them created a company name whose acronym is CKC - which in this country has always been recognized as The Canadian Kennel Club - the nearly 100 year old Canadian equivalent to our AKC. But this new "CKC" - is actually The Continental Kennel Club. They will recognize cross between two purebreds and will issue "papers" for their offspring.

A pet store here in NJ named their store "The New York Kennel Club". Now why do you think they chose that name? Could it be because many people know that there is some kind of "kennel club" in New York City, but really don't know if it's called the "American" or "New York" kennel club. Surely they weren't trying to deceive the public into thinking that their pet store had anything to do with AKC? But in fact, many people buy there believing that they have bought from AKC, and therefore their puppy is of high quality. AKC does not sell dogs - they are only a registry body for purebreds.

Due to AKC's DNA program, there have been so many new companies offering "papers" that I cannot keep up with all the names. Here are some that I've found. Keep in mind that their "papers" are in no way equal to AKC Registration. We have seen several dogs touting an International Champion title. Please note that this has nothing to do with the highly respected European Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) who designate International Champion titles and which have always been recognized in this country. Once again, someone wants you to think it's the same...but it ain't so! There is NO comparison for an AKC Champion of Record title in this country. Anyone can create a company and decide to issue registration papers as well as "champion" titles. That doesn't make it any more valuable than the paper it's written on. The old adage is STILL true...Those than can....DO...and those that can't....make excuses (or in this instance..create worthless pieces of paper).

Some of these alternative registries are:

ACA (American Canine Association) the only registry endorsed by Petland (petstore). Caters to commercial breeders.

APR (American Purebred Registry) Will register unknown pedigree dogs/cats. No proof of being purebred is required for their papers!

APRI (America's Pet Registry, Inc.) Advertises free registration for commercial breeders

ARU (Animal Registry Unlimited) Guarantees that they will register your pets of unknown pedigree and encourages mixed breedings.

CRCS (Canine Registration and Certification Services) caters to commercial breeders.

DRA (Dog Registry of America) - Formerly named the U.S. Kennel Club. Registers unregistered/unknown/mixed pedigree dogs.

FIC (Federation of International Canines) gives bulk discounts for volume breeders (i.e, puppy mills). They will register any dog just on the owner's signature (no other proof required but their "word").

IAVCA (International All Breed Canine Assoc. of America)They say that domenstic canines of unknown ancestry that are used in the development of a breed shall be permitted for registration purposes.

An "International Champion" title is NOT an AKC Champion title. Take note has easily these titles are awarded by IABCA with NO competition against other dogs. The "International Champion" titles that you may sometimes see being advertised by some breeders were obtained by that dog never having traveled outside the US - nor even out of state in most cases! Many owners of dogs that could not hope to win a "Champion" title in a registry such as AKC or The Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) will seek to have their dog appear to have a "champion" title of some sort.

NAPDR (North American Purebred Dog Registry) any dog may be registered with NAPDR whether or not they can prove their pedigree.

NKC (National Kennel Club) Seems to register unknown pedigree dogs with "inspection". NKC will register dogs that meet the 7/8 purity requirement.

PCI (Purebred Canine International Registry Service)They will register anything you send them a picture of.

UABR (United All Breed Registry) Advertises free registration of adults when you register a litter. Caters to commercial breeders.

UKCI (Universal Kennel Club International) Caters to the commercial dog industry and promises complete privacy protection for all breeders.

WKC (World Kennel Club) registers all dogs that are purebred which may or may not be registered with any other kennel club or have no previous history of their sire and/or dam.

WWKC (World Wide Kennel Club) Will register dogs tha are registered with "any other" kennel club

USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) registered puppies come from "commercial breeding farms" commonly referred to as large scale "puppy mills". These "commercial breeding farms" sell to stores and brokers.

If you would like to know more about the AKC and all of it's programs, please visit their website at:

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