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Rover Artist's Unofficial Road Rover Page

Hi there fellow Road Rover fans. If you are not already a fan of Road Rovers you may be wondering what they are...............


To learn about the Rovers themselves, go here: The Hall of Heros, at Road Rover Mission Control.

To see a comprehensive list of other Road Rover pages, please go to RRMC's Luges.

The reason I made this page is because I LOVE the show ROAD ROVERS.The reson I'm Rover Artist is that I love to draw, and I have a talent for it, and, lastly, my favorite things to draw are the Road Rovers.

Another thing I like to do is that I create fan fiction characters for Road Rovers,the current number is uhh......Dangit. It's probably well over 40 by now, but don't take my word for it.

New news!(heehee) 1/6/00

My current mood is The current mood of at Ah yes, the new millenium! Er..I think it is. I dunno. Anyway, I actually don't have much news..But I have finally gotten an FTP program.. once Yerf starts accepting aps. again, I'm gonna try and apply... What's new? Oh! I'm a member of imood now...^^ Currently, the internet feels sick....Pft. My imood shall be displayed under the new news section from now on!
My good friend Colin has his own web page *AND* server! Isn't that too cool?? Go check out his online art gallery (it's da bomb!) before I'm forced to... be foreceful! :)
Colin Hurley's Online Gallery
Bertha Bloodhound's Laboratory.


"lalalala.. think happy happy thoughts..."
"Peter, I can fly!!!"
-=-Me, in attempting to change a subject, and then my pal Fer, on IRC-=-

More pointlessness! -
Take a peek at Honker's Happy Thoughts :) Updated weekly, I think.

  • The page of the Salukis. The family tree SHALL be updated, I have forseen it. When, I'm not quite sure.
  • My page of litteral doom. Must be renovated. See horrible spelling and grammatical errors (as well as lousy chars) from the *EARLY* days of my RR fandom. Almost none (if any) of these chars have made the 'final cut'.
  • Oy. Horribly inacurate, horrible spelling, and horribly neglected on my part. My villians, at times my pride and joy, for no apparent reason.
  • My Road Rover Characters that are in the works, and are likely to stay that way. WHAT WAS I THINKING???
  • I don't need to finish these fan fics, I need to demolish them, or completely re-write them... oooooog. I should post something decent like uhhhh.. okay, I shouldn't post, maybe? j/k :)
  • I'm wondering if I should leave this up. The only thing it's been good for is when I desperatly need a name to RP a bit part...("Name Game")
  • The "Sheba Shrine" as it's been labled by friends. Originally put up because I was annoyed by the fact that I have yet to see a single person (that includes my self sometimes, too) write for Sheba correctly. She is not a parrot or a talking critter, she is a complex captive wild animal that is highly dangerous yet very loving to those that care for her.
  • The Daily Rover, when News Breaks, they fix it. Please don't sue me.
  • The dead art page, move along, move along...
  • The mostly-dead About-Me page. I think I'll put up the essay I wrote for English last year instead...
  • The dead humour page. Forgive me for the loss.
  • Just Ask Callisto. Received an update and some nice little rehauling. No images yet.
  • I still love Bushroot, but don't have time for this thing... I'm leaving it because I've been told it's the best compilation of info on him anybody's been able to put up... which.. in my honest opinion.. is kinda.. sad.
  • #St_Canard died before it even hatched. Before it even was LAID. Ah well.
  • Canis' dog house, a monument to bad taste. OW! Canis! Gimmie back that mouse! I need that! I adopted her through Star's Adopt-A-Rover Service... maybe I should get a refund... nah, she's cute... when she's asleep.
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    People have hit on this site. I'm sorry to inform said people that the site is in a steady relationship already.

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