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Dougray Scott has been replaced by Australian actor Hugh Jackman to play the role of Wolverine in the live action X-Men movie! Scott was unable to keep his part as Wolverine due to a scheduling conflict, as Scott is playing the villian in Mission: Impossible 2, and Fox could not wait for Scott to finish filming, and needed a replacement that could begin filming soon. Jackman is expected to be trying on costuming, learning his part as well as fight choreography starting today with his first scheduled appearance before the cameras to take place next week on Monday, October 18th. The following is courtesy of the Comic Wire. The Marvel Mania restaurant of Los Angeles has gone out of business and officially closed its doors on September 10. Opening in 1998, just as theme restaurants as a whole began to face a severe drop-off in business, Marvel Mania served up items ranging from Shang-Chi Chinese Tacos to Fin Fang Fetuccine in a two-story restaurant decorated in the Mighty Marvel Manner. Also courtesy of the Comic Wire, we have learned that this year's Wolverine annual will feature a back-up story written by Marc Andreyko and painted by Max Frezzato, which will feature Wolverine going on a beer run. Andreyko made the following comments concerning the annual which is scheduled to ship this Wednesday, "The story is called 'beer run' and is a past story featuring Wolvie playing poker at the Baxter Building with She-Hulk, Cap, Thing and Nick Fury. When they run out of beer, Wolvie takes Fury's flying car on a beer run and, as they say, hilarity ensues. Stolen six packs, killer SHIELD cars, ninja in the sewers and magic dragons add to the fun. The reason I'm telling you about this story is because the beautiful art is gonna be a great surprise to people who pick up the annual, and I would like as many people as possible to check it out (since Marvel didn't even solicit it!)"

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