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Abacus of Advanced Calculations
Description: Finely crafted abacus with mother-of-pearl counting beads.
Abilities: Adds +1 to numeracy skill when in active use. Merchant-rogues who make a numeracy roll may add +1 to their monthly trading checks for small businesses (less than 10,000 gp). Digitalists using the device as an aid for spell study may increase their spell duration and area of effect by 10%.
Highly sought after by merchant-rogues and digitalist mages, these items were first created to lure Tasked Administrator genies into service.

Amulet of Station
Description: A gold amulet.
Abilities: When worn, the amulet raises the perceived station of the wearer by one point. The amulet will radiate magic if a detect magic is cast. A hakima using her read station ability will note a mildly false note about the wearer, but will not be able to pinpoint the cause.

Ankus of Elephant Command
Description: The ankus (elephant goad) is crafted from ebony with a carved elephant head pommel.(DMs note: the ankus could also be made from ivory as an alternative.)
Abilities: The ankus shrinks or lengthens to be used either while riding (14-18 inch length) or on foot (5-foot length). The ankus grants a +2 bonus to the holder's elephant handling, training, and riding proficiencies. In addition, the ankus also imparts a +4 saving throw vs fear to a single elephant being handled or ridden by the holder. The ankus adds +1 to hit and damage if used as a weapon.

Armor of the Lion
Description: Black Lamellar armor with silver lion-headed studs.
Abilities: Grants the user +1 strength, or +10% for fighters with strength over 18. Max strength 18(00) for fighter class, 18 for all other classes.

Astrolabe of Selan
Description: A flat circular astrolabe made from a noncorrosive silver alloy.
Abilities: The Astrolabe grants a +2 bonus to navigation rolls if used when the moon is visible.
History: The astrolabe was originally created for an important merchant family of Medina al-Afyal in return for their financial support of the construction of the Great Mosque of the Moon. It was first lost on a voyage from Afyal to Huzuz, but has resurfaced numerous times since then.

Book of Helpful Equations
Description: Camel-hide text.
Abilities: If studied for a period of one week the book will permanently increase the user's numeracy skill by 1 point. The book does not need to be retained after this period, and does not interfere with use of other numerical aids, such as the Abacus of Calculation. The PC may only benefit from the book only once.

Howdah of Comfort
Description: Fine howdah with silk netting and comfortable pillows.
Abilities: The howdah acts as a cool strength spell for anyone riding inside. Additionally, the howdah also repels insect pests, keeping the occupant(s) cool, dry and refreshed. This device allows the rider to avoid contracting Grey Jungle Fever if used properly. Generally created for wealthy merchants or royalty, numerous examples exist throughout the Ruined Kingdoms.

Qanan's Case of Protection
Description: Soft Leather Case designed to store a qanan.
Abilities: This waterproof case protects its contents from damage by impact. When any object in the case is struck, it saves vs. crushing blow as if it were hard steel. If the object in the case would have a better save, the object will use that save. These cases are prized by traveling rawuns.

Loom of Perfection
Description: Simple-looking weaving loom.
Abilities: This device increases the weaving proficiency by +3. Mageweavers may weave spells in half the time when using this device (1/2 hour per spell level). This device has also been used as payment for the service of tasked artist genies skilled in weaving fabrics and rugs.

Map/Scroll case of Preservation
Description: Non-descript scroll or map case.
Abilities: Protects map or scroll from water, smoke or nonmagical fire damage. The case can hold a number of scrolls or maps, even a single traveling spellbook will fit within its confines.

Sail of the Sea Breezes
Description: Single lateen sail.
Abilities: This sail increases the speed (both tactical and strategic) of any single masted dhow (barijah, sambuk or zaruq) by +1, even allowing a speed of 1 in a dead calm.
History: The sail was created in Tajar by the tasked weaver genie Basharaat al-Qubbah. The sail was woven with captured breezes from the Elemental Plane of Air.

Vase of Preservation
Description: Very large clay vessel.
Abilities: These vessels are used to store and transport perishables. Usually carried in pairs in a harness over a camel's back, they preserve whatever substance is placed within them. Wine, sherbet, milk, grains, etc. remain fresh in the vase as long as the cap is in place. When the cap is removed, the contents will age normally.

Giving magic items an Arabian flavor

To create additional items for Al-Qadim, DMs can dress up standard magical items with a little Arabian flavor.

Here are some examples based on items found in the Dungeon Master's Guide:

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