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This material is still under construction.

Storm Season
Brief Description: A series of adventures designed to introduce the Pantheon to the PCs and involve them in intrigues in several cities of the region.

Coup! Coup! Nightingale Sings the Blues
Brief Description: An adventure in which the PCs must track down and defuse an EXPLOSIVE birthday surprise.

The Lost Cities Trilogy
Brief Description:The PCs follow up clues leading to the Lost City of Ubar, the Lost City of Qom and the Lost City of the Isle of Kaff. This set of unconnected adventures is intended to expand the Al-Qadim universe. Two of the Lost Cities, Ubar and Qom, are hinted at in official material. The last is one of my own creations. As always, please feel free to change or mold them to your own campaigns.

The Wedding Gift
Brief Description: The PCs are hired to deliver a special wedding present for a genie noble. Unfortunately the item doesn't want to go…

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