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Victoria Rose Mongiovi

This is the section of my homepage dedicated to my future daughter, Victoria Rose Mongiovi. Doesn't that name just sing off the tongue like the most harmonious song known to man? Am I proud? YOU BET YOUR SWEET BUTT I AM!!! She is due to be born to Darla and I on or about April 19th, so mark that day i in your calendar as we expect lots of electronic greetings and stuff like that. HEHEHE. Just kidding.

This of course is just the ultrasound picture, but I think it is the best one out of the bunch. You can see her sucking her precious little thumb perfectly in this picture. Most of the others just made my daughter look like a blob with a spine. LOL. Darla and I both choose the name Victoria because we think it is a beautiful name. Rose is after my mother whome I love dearly. I think she is more excited about our little package than we are. So now if any of you guys were wondering what we were going to have, now you know. Isn't it wonderful? Anyway. Thanks for supporting Darla and I by stopping by to admire our little E.T. (as Darla calls her.) We really appreciate it.

P.S. If we find out different than what we know now, stop by later and see a wonderful picture of Matthew Anthony Mongiovi. LOL.

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