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Vampire Resources

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News Groups

alt.vampyres - all things vampiric

alt.culture.vampires - discussion of factual information




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The #Vampire Homepage




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Web-based Chat

The Vampire's Kiss Chatroom

Vampires Playground Chatroom

Ben's Vampire Chat

Necropolis' chatroom


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For the alt.vampyres FAQ go to:
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The Forever Knight List of Myths
sort of a FAQ

More FAQ's (located on Vampyres Only)

Mailing Lists

Vampires (egroup)
This list is for the serious discussion of Real Vampires and Vampyres in
our community and culture. There is to be NO disucssion of Role-Playing,
RPG, Live Action (LARP), or otherwise.

Visit the website for more info:

Lostboys (egroups)

"You're a vampire, I knew it!" "I am not!" "So what are you, the flying
nun?" The Lost Boys mailing list is open to anyone who loves one of the
best movies to come out in the 80's, but you will have to contact the list
owner before you can join. Whether it's the movie you love, one of the
actors, or just the fact that it's an 80's movie, come and join the fun!
List owner:
"Come with us, Michael . .

TorturedVampire (egroups)

Questions and Answers. From the darkness comes a sound, a wail never
before heard by human ears. Somewhere, out in the night, a vampire is
alone. A vampire seeks love and friendship from that which it can never
have. Alone.
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Owner: James (Goltharan) Payne
To subscribe: send message "subscribe vampyres" to
To post: send mail to

Forever Knight Listserv

for information: send mail to JAP8@CAC.PSU.EDU or

to subscribe: send message [SUBSCRIBE FORKNI-L first-name last-name] to


Subject: Nightstalkers is a list catering to the night. The topics range from vampyres and
were-creatures, to phases of the moon and "things that go bump in the night". From
discussions, stories and poetry, to book and movie reviews, we're here to pass it along.

To subscribe: e-mail with the words "subscribe nightstalkers"
in the message.


Gay Vampires

I don't know much about the gay community but I'm always glad to see someone
doing something different. This site focuses on anything that has to do
with alternitive lifestyles in the vampire world.


Children of the Night on AOL
Includes Vampire Message Boards
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Vampire Whitepages

Vampire Vault on AOL
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A collection of Vampire news from around the world.