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Real Vampire Websites

Sanguinarius-The Vampire Support Page

Tons of information including FAQs, the library, tips & advice, problems vampires have, Vam-Personals, & more.

Vampires Inc.

Read the autobiograpy. It goes into deapth about the webmasters vampirism.

Nocturnal Visions
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Very well done site. A lot of info about real vampires, terminology, and
home of the Nocturnal Blood Sentinel News.

Real Vampires

Helps set the record strait on real vampires; also: Real Vampires Bulletin Board & Real Vampire Contacts and Classifieds.

Born Again Vampires

Dispelling the myths about vampires and other real vampire topics.

The Hall of Memories

Chatroom, info on real vamps, and creative darkness thier own e-zine.

Holly's Haven

Information on Real Vampires & Porphyria.

A Theory on Real Vampirism

Information on Real Vampires, myths and misconceptions, misinformation sites, and more.

Vampire Research Center

Suggested reading, film list, etc.

Amy Krieytaz's Vampire Research Resource Page

Information on vampire folklore, fiction, and real vampires.

Vampirism Research Institute

Devoted to Understanding Vampirism.


Info on the real vampire lifestyle, vampire confrence room, & more.

Vampire Research Society

E-lists, case studies, and more.

Bela Lugosi's Dead

A Dissertation on the Modern Vampire.


This site covers vampiric topics in 20 countries.

Bloodplay Awareness

Demystify the ideas and practices involved in bloodplay.

Darkness on the edge of town

Clinical vampirism: blending myth and reality

I think this is an abstract from a journal or a book.


An essay discussin Vampirism.

Vampire Studies

Dicussing vampirism and theories about it.

La Page de L'Ange Noire

A ton on information about real vampires from more than one person.

So you want to be a vampire?

An essay that explains real vampires.

BLackClaw's Vampire Support Page

Terminology, BBS, etc.

LifezBluud's Vampire Information Exchange

Vampire chat room.

Vampires of the World

Real Vampires, fact, fiction, movies, and books.