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News and Updates


Updated the events page. Make sure you check out Freak Day 99! A
much bigger update will be coming soon.


Cleaned up some HTML and added new graphics. Updated the events page.


Added the show info for the Blood Lust show at Fang Club Gotham. See the events
page for more details.


The Movies and TV page has been added. It is still a little underconstruction
so please where with us.


The following pages have been updated: events, vampire directory, about njarv,
vampire zines, links, and vampire music. The Vampire Organizations page has
been added.


The Vampire Personals has been changed to the Vampire Directory. Click on
Vampire Directory on the main page for more info. We now have a re-direct URL.
You can type instead of our other address. They both go to
the same place so there is no need to change links and bookmarks. We are
working on the idea of a Free Vampire E-zine. Go to the announcements page for
more info. Updated the Vampire Resources page. The Vampire Zines page is now
the Vampire Zines and Organizations page.


The FAQ has been added. The movie section is being worked on and should be
up within a few weeks.