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Vampire Music

It's hard to say exactly what is vampire music because it would be wrong to say
that all vamps listen to one kind of music. Because of this, I will just
include bands that sing about vampies a majority of the time. I will also
include CD's that are geared toward vampires or have a vampire theme to them.
Links to by the albums, when possible, have been added for your convience.
CDnow is starting to become the place where everyone gets their music from.
Especially bands like Nosferatu which are almost never availble from the
larger music stores that you would find in a mall. They're also a lot cheaper
and they sometimes provide music samples in real audio format. The NJARV is
not affiliated with CDnow, I just think they provide a great service at a cheap price.

If you would like us to review your music, please email
us and we'll give you all the information.


Blood Lust

Not only are they a great band, but they're also from New Jersey. In my
opinion, they are one of the best unsigned bands out there. Give them a
few years and they'll be really big. They're music style is hard to
describe. It sort of a Gothic-EBM-Darkwave mix with vampire themes.
Whatever it is, it's good. They're webpage has music samples, pictures,
show info, etc. They we're even nice enough to help with a little HTML on
this webpage.

Dead by Dawn: Blood Lust Demo

This demo CD is well worth the $6. It's one of those things you can't stop
listening too. It contains 9 songs including Blood = Life which is one of my
favorite songs. If you want to buy the Blood Lust CD, you have to go to thier webpage.
What else can be said about them? It's just a really great CD.

Cradle of Filth

Another one of my favorite bands. I'm not the biggest black metal person but
this band is just amazing. CoF is probably one of the most vampiric bands out
there with almost every songs being about vampires. I met them last year and
they are all really nice. All of the albums are sorta simmilar so there's no
need to review each one separately.


The Principle of Evil Made Flesh


Dusk and Her Embrace

Cruelty and the Beast

I, Vampire

I can't even figure out what the deal is with these guys. If anyone knows, please tell me.
They seem to be going for the Kiss-Vampire look and their music doesn't seem to be about
vampires. It's not that bad, but's it's not that good either.


Nosferatu has go to be the best "vampire band". There music can
be described as gothic even though they are looked down upon
by the gothic community for some reason. Who cares, there one of my
favorites and a lot of other vamps favorite too.



Rise is the debut album that was released 5/93. It contains
12 songs which include such classics as "Dark Angel" and
"Vampyres Cry".


Legend is a collection of early recordings and remixes. The songs
"Inside the Devil" "Wiccaman" and "Pictures of Betrayal" are just
some of the greats on this album.

The Prophecy

This album has a different sound from the others. It was released
in 11/94. Even though there is a different singer, the Nosferatu
sound is still there. It's not easy to favor one album over the
other but this is one of my favorites. This is mostly due to
the song "Sucker for love" which has got to be THE vampire song.

Prince of Darkness

Do I really need to say anything about an album named "Prince
of Darkness". This album goes back to Nosferatu's guitar
sound that it had with the first to CD's except this time
they use more keyboards which is always a plus.

Lord of the Flies

Nosferatu has once again changed it's sound for the better. I
didn't think it was possible. This album uses more keyboard
than the previous albums and I hope they stick with this new

Lee Blakse

Beyond the Day: Journey of the Vampire

CD- 9.99
Tape- 6.49
released: 09/08/98
53 minutes

This has got to be one of the most interesting albums that I have reviewed. This
whole album is a story about a vampire. There are 9 instrumental songs, composed
by Lee Blaske. In between each song there are 7 tracks where the vampire talks
about his life in dark poetic verse. He has deep, haunting voice. The music
is reminiscent of songs from Interview with the Vampire, Forever Knight, and
Vampire Journals. If you liked the music from those movies, this is a must

13 Candles Angels of Mourning Silence

This has got to be the most disappointing CD I have ever gotten. The cover looks
really cool and the names of the songs sound cool too. I think the saying
"don't judge a book by it's cover" best applies to this CD. I try to find something
good to say about each CD but this is just a joke. I can even describe what they're
attempting to sound like. It's just the worst album ever made.


Dracula: King of Vampires

This is a collection of gothic bands and thier songs that relate to vampires.
I have yet to hear this album but I was told it was pretty good. It was
released by Cleopatra in 1997 and contains 14 songs. Some of the bands on
it include: Ex-Voto/Last Dance/Wreckage/Desmo Donte/Shroud/Stone 588.

Music of the Vampires

I'm not exactly sure what this is. It's an instrumental tape that is only a
couple dollars. It contains 8 songs and it was released in 1994. As soon
as I get more info on it, I'll post it here.

Vampire Circus: The Essential Vampire Film Music Collection

This is a compilation of themes from various vampire movies and shows. It was
released in 1993 and is over 70 minutes long. Contains music from Forever
Knight, Fright Night, The Hunger, Dracula, etc.

Vampire Songs: Music From Dracula's Castle

This is more of a sound effects CD than a music CD. I have not heard it
yet but from what I am told it's really good for background music
at parties. It's only around $5.

Vampire Themes

Another Vampire music compilation by the people at Cleopatra. Some of the
bands include: Nosferatu, Bloodflag, Vampire Rodents, the Damned, and Bauhaus.

What sweet music they make Vol. 1, 2, & 3

This 3 volume set contains 56 tracks all together. You can buy each
volume seperately or all together. Some of the bands featured are:
Nosfertu, London After Midnight, 13 Candles, Lestat, Corpus Delecti,
Inkubus Sukkubus, Two Witches, and a ton of others. You cannot order
this CD through like most of the others on this page. Instead,
you can order it through the Vampire Guild. I've never heard this comp.
but I've heard a lot of the bands that are on it, so I recommend this highly.



This is an odd soundtrack. There is a lot of rap and some techno. I haven't
got a chance to listen to this yet but it is suppose to be pretty good. I don't
know that many vampires that listen to rap so it makes me wonder who was
behind the marketing of this CD.

Forever Knight

There are a lot of people that don't even know that this CD exists. There is
a mix of songs here. The best are the 4 songs by Lori Yates. There are a couple
quotes from LaCroix, a song where Nick (GWD) plays the piano, and various
other sounds from the TV series. This is highly recommended to any FK fan.

Interview with the Vampire Soundtrack

This soundtrack contains all the music from this movie including the
Guns N' Roses cover of "Sympathy For The Devil". It is 53 minutes long
and was released in 1994. It is also fairly cheaper then most CD's.

Lost Boys

I'm not big on 80's music, but if you are you'll probably like this

Vampires (John Carpenter's)

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