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Television Shows

Forever Knight

Forever Knight is one of the best Vampire TV shows ever. Check the website for episode guides,
downloads, and to find out when it is playing where you live.

Kindred: The Embraced

This show didn't last to long as there was only 8 episodes made. It has been off the
air for a long time, but you can now buy all 8 episodes in a box set. I strongly
recommend this to anyone who likes vampires. It was based on White Wolf's Vampire
RPG, which made me question if I would like it or not, but it is still really good.
At first all the talk about the clans might make you sick but you get over it pretty


For some reason, it seems to be out of print on and I'll
see if I can't figure out what's going on.

Recommended Movies

There are a ton of vampire movies out there. However, most of them are pretty
bad, so we've decided to include some of our favorite movies to help you sort
through all the garbage. If you know of a movie that we should include here,
feel free to let us know.

- Blade

This new movie is one of the best to ever come out. With all the talk about it
I doubt I need to go any further.

- Dracula 1931

This is the movie that started it all. If you haven't seen it yet, get the hell
of your computer and go rent it.

- Dracula (Bram Stoker's)

Probably the best remake of the 1931 classic out there.

- The Hunger

This is the movie that helped blend gothic music with vampires. It opens
with Bela Lugosi's Dead by Bauhaus and features David Bowie as one of the
main characters. This is also the movie that increased the popularity of
Anks their connectivity with vampires.

- Interview with the Vampire

Only a few years old this movie is also a classic. This movie was the final
nail in the coffin (no pun intended) that made the vampire scene go out
of control. This movie alone is responsible for 1000s of people running around
thinking that they are Lestat. Because of this I couldn't watch this movie
for years. I just started watching it again and it's still really good. Even
if you hate Anne Rice (like I do) you'll still like this movie.

- The Lost boys

This is just an all around great movie. This is one of my favorites but I
can't really think what is so good about it. Nothing really stands out. If
you've never seen it, the movie is about a family that moves to a new town
that's inhabited by vampires. The whole family gets involved in one way or
another and they fight them off with the assistance of the Frog Brothers. They
kicked ass.

- Nosferatu 1921

I'm not the biggest fan of silent movies but is interesting to watch one of the
first vampire movies ever made. I said one of the first because there was one
or two movies that we're made before this although I don't think that they
have ever made it to the mainstream society.

- Nosferatu 1979

This is one of the greatest remakes of any movie ever made in my opinion anyway.
It's in color and there's sound but they don't do a lot of unnecessary talking
so the silent feel is still sort of there.

- Subspecies Trilogy: Subspecies 1, Blood Stone: Subspecies 2, Blood Lust: Subspecies 3.

This is the only vampire trilogy that I know of. Each movie picks up where the
last one left off and it better than the previous one. The plot in all three
movies revovles around a girl that is caputred by the vampire Radu. The fourth
installment should be out soon (see below).

-Subspecies 4: Blood Storm

This movie wasn't what I expected, but it was still really good. Instead of making
it a Vampire Journals 2, they stuck with the feel of the Subspecies movies while
blending the two stories. However, this movie has nothing to do with the Vampire
Journals except Ash is in it but he's a different, less poweful Ash, not to mention
he looks like a clown with his red hair and redish face. It would of been great if they
took both stories and made combined elements of both equally. Oh well, I guess Vampire
Journals is better left without a sequel. All in all, it is still a really good movie.

- Vampire Journals

This in my all time favorite vampire movie and best of all it's not really
popular so you won't see a bunch of kids at the mall looking like the main
characters. This is made by the same company that made the Subspecies trilogy
and the fourth one will blend Vampire Journals and the trilogy together.

Coming soon

The following is a list of vampire movies that are yet to be released. All
dates are approximate, subject to change and reflect US release only. Release
are in theater unless otherwise noted. Feel free to email us with any
corrections or additions.

Blade 2

Razor Blade Smile

Modern Vampires (Known as "Revenant" in Europe)

Cold Hearts


Elizabeth Bathory: Blood Countess

The Hangman's Daughter - From Dusk till Dawn 2 (prequel)
Early 1999 (video)

The Night Stalker

Texas Blood Money - From Dusk Till Dawn 3 (sequel)
Video - March 23 1999
There probably won't be a theater release

Vampire Junction


A listing of Vampire movies and TV shows on this month