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--A little intro

Before I start going into the FAQ, I figured I'd give you a little disclaimer/intro.

All of the answers in this FAQ are my (Roz) opinions only and do not represent the opinions

of anyone else involved with the NJARV. This means that they cannot be wrong or right,

they are an opinion. Nothing is set in stone and I often change my views as I learn

more about myself and about vampires in general. You are welcome to agree or disagree with

anything I say. If you have any further questions, or if you want to debate my opinions you

are welcome to email me and I will answer you as long as you keep your questions intelligent

and open-minded. For example, if you say something like "You are dumb, there's no such

thing as real vampires, etc. I'm just going to ignore you. In other words, keep your questions

open-minded, clear, and specific.

This page has far exceeded my expectations that I had in growth and popularity. I wanted

this page to help real vampires who are lost and don't know where to go. Even though I feel

that I have helped a lot of people out, I have also attracted a lot of people that either want

to become vampires, want to know if there a vampire, or whatever. Basically, a lot of people

want to be spoonfed. I strongly suggest that you start thinking for yourself. I don't have all

the answers and I don't claim to know everything. It's amazing that I have time enough to do

this page, it wouldn't be possible without the support of the other members of the NJARV. I don't

have time to hold everyone's hand. Even if I did, I still wouldn't. You don't learn anything

from that. The only way you learn is by going out and doing things and learning from your trials

and mistakes. More importantly, if you don't think for yourself, you will get taken advantage of.

You will find that person that has all the answers. This is the basis behind cults, people want

all the answers handed to them and someone decides to tell them what they want to hear. I know that

this little rant of mine isn't gonna stop the emails that I get from people who watched Interview too

many times, but at least you know why I don't email you back. Don't get the wrong idea, I'm not

ignoring all emails, hell I like hearing from the people that visit this site, I just don't have the

time to answer all the idiotic one.

--What is a real vampire, anything like Hollywood?

This is a touchy question because the definition isn't exactly agreed upon. For this

website, a real vampire is anyone who claims to be a real vampire. If you are, think,

or pretend is your business and you will probably get something out of this website either

way. The real definition of real vampires differs from person to person because being a

real vampires is different for each person. Real Vampires are pretty much nothing like

the ones in Hollywood although sometimes a real vampires might find themselves having the

same characteristics as those in Hollywood. Garlic, crosses, stakes, flying, etc. are

usually agreed upon as being strictly fantasy. Some people do claim to be immortal.

I'm not even gonna waste time on that topic. A lot of vampires like the night better then

they day. Many of us drink blood but not to survive. Drinking blood is one of the ways

that vampires recieve energy. Some people drink blood for pleasure or to create a powerful

bond between lovers, friends, or a group of people.

--How do I know if I am a real vampire?

First of all, ignore those tests where you answer questions and than add up a score.

Like I said in the last question, it's different for everyone. I recommend doing

some research. There are plenty of websites that discuss the topic of what a real

vampire is, the different types, etc. Read all of these, try to pick up some books

on the subject, and then make your own decision. Don't let anyone try to tell you

that you are or you aren't. The more you do by yourself, the more you will learn.

I think you know for sure when people like your parents and family start buying

you vampire type stuff. Seriously though, the discovery process might take a while

so be patient.

--How do I become one?

This is another debated topic. In my opinion, almost all real vampires are born this way and

no. I don't think it's hereditary either. However, it might be possible to become one

I suppose but drinking the blood of another is not the way. A lot of people might think

they became a vampire because something in their life happened that made them realize they are.

This can happen anywhere from childhood to adulthood. Most people realize they are in

their late teens early twenties.

--Are you a real vampire, what proof do I have?

I thought this question was obvious but I guess not, so yes I am. As far as what

proof, I have, there is none. I don't know what kind of proof you want because

when it comes to the net, anyone can make up anything. You have to take everything

with a grain of salt. I could say, I am a real vampire because of such and such but that

still wouldn't do anything. Whether I am real or not doesn't make a difference. I'm

not the focus of this webpage, you the visitor are the focus. Instead of being

concerned about me, you should be concerned with how this webpage can serve you better.

After all, it's for you, not me.

--What do you do in your everyday life?

I do a lot of normal things that ordinary people do. I go to work, concerts, the movies

etc. I don't go out and kill people, well at least not everyday. I suppose the

people that ask this stuff want to hear Hollywood vampire type stuff. Most of the time

you can't tell what I am, you might get a few clues, but you'd have to really get

to know me, to figure it out.

--Can you add a link to my page?/Can I add a link to your page?

Of course I could, as long as it's relevant. If you aren't sure, give me

the link and I'll check it out. By all means add a link to our page. The more

people that visit, the better it will become. If you have a link to our page

on yours, let us know and we'll link you back.

--Can you make me a vampire?

This goes back to what I said before, I don't really think you could be made and

if I could do you really think I would?

--Can you tell me, show me, teach me, etc?

I will do whatever I can to help people out but I'm not gonna hold your hand.

You have to do your own work.

--Why should I believe you about.....?

This question usually comes up in response to the stores, music, etc. that I listed on

the site somewhere. When it comes to the stores I have listed, I'm just suggesting

some places that would be of interest to the general vampire population. I really hate to

generalize and I know that not all vampires have the same tastes but I can't list every store

that everyone likes. Besides, I'm not demanding you go there, it's just a suggestion,

if you don't want to go, don't go. As far as the music is concerned, I tried to keep

it vampire only stuff. I could of listed a ton of gothic and deathmetal bands but, again,

we are all different. I know that we're not gonna like all the vampire type music I have

listed on this website. I don't even like some of the stuff I listed but it's all

geared towards or about vampires. It's just a suggestion, I'm not trying to sell

you the CDs. Most of the time you can go the website, or CDnow and listen to

the songs to see if you like them.

--What Gods/Religion do vampires believe in?

Vampirism and Religion are two different things. One can still be a vampire and still

keep your religious faith, although being a vampire would probably contradict most beliefs.

There are however some vampire religions where they worship vampire gods. These religions

are seen as cults by most people and are looked down upon by almost all real vampires.

--Are there any other vampires in my area?

Check the NJARV's Vampire Directory, the link is on the main page. On there you

will see a list of people, where they live, age, what they're looking for etc.

If you want your information posted, there are directions on the top of the

Directory page.

--I emailed you and I never got a response.

I try to answer all questions as soon as I get them. If your questions is in this

FAQ I'll probably still answer it now but as I get more and more email I'll

probably just ignore it. This website is growing in popularity faster than I ever

thought possible so I don't have all day to answer questions that are in this