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Freak Day 99 at Six Flags Great Adventure

Freak Day is the annual event where the misfits of society take
over Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. Vampires, goths,
etc. will be present but there will be a wide range of people who
don't fit the typical mold of society, so if you don't look like
the average person next door, make sure you go. It is very interesting
and everybody has a good time.

Tuesday, May 25th
Meeting in the parking lot at 10am
FreakMeet for pictures: 3pm at the Bumper Cars

For more info, visit the webpage

Chiller Theatre Convention

The convention is being held at Meadowlands Sheraton Hotel - Rt. 3 East
Secaucus, New Jersey (201) 896-0500, from May 21st to May 23rd.

The Chiller Theatre Convention is one of the largest Science Fiction,
Fantasy, Horror, Film & TV Memorabilia show in the United States. I
have been going for the past few years and it just keeps getting
better. No matter what your into, they'll most likely have it there.
Vampires, Witches, Horror, Starwars, Sci Fi, Tons of Screem Queens,
etc. But since this a vampire website I'll concentrate on all the
vampire stuff. There are a ton of people selling vampires and other
horror movies there. Tons of vampires T shirts and vampire type jewlery.
Vampire posters, model kits, magazine. You get the idea. Make sure
you bring a lot of money becuase there is so much to buy that you
always seem to run out. There is also people there to make you fangs who
will most likely be selling designer contact lenese too. If you plan
on getting your fangs there, I suggest Midian.

The Long Black Veil: Formerly Fang Club Gotham

The Long Black Veil: Formerly Fang Club GothamFang Club Gotham
every Thursday at Mother in New York City
432 West 14th St. (corner of Washington St.)
(Alternative entrance: 875 Washington Street at 14th)
10 PM
DJ Delchi
$7, $5 with sigil
You must be 18 to enter, 21 to feed.

Dracula's Ball

Dracula's Ball is held every few months in Philadelphia. It has gained a
strong following in it's short existance. Most people feel that the scene
there is better than the NY scene in terms of attitude. I recommend this to
anyone that is looking for a good vampire club/event.

Next ball: Sunday, May 30
See the DB webpage for more info



22-Thursday: Long Black Veil

29-Thursday: Long Black Veil


06-Thursday: Long Black Veil

13-Thursday: Long Black Veil

20-Thursday: Long Black Veil

21-Friday: Chiller Convention - 6pm-11pm

22-Saturday: Chiller Convention - 10am-7pm

23-Sunday: Chiller Convention - 11am-5pm

25-Tuesday: Freak Day 99 at Great Adventure

27-Thursday: Long Black Veil

30-Sunday: Dracula's Ball