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- Email Address

Our email address is Please direct all mail regarding
the NJARV to that address. We exist to help you so we depend on your
feedback. Send us your comments, suggestions, questions, hatemail,
link, and info about your store, event, etc.

- Electronic mailing list

If you would like join our electronic mailing list, please email us from the
address that you would like subscribed to the list. You will be notified of
events, updates to the website, etc. It is not a discussion list. All email
address will be kept private. The mailing list we be going out about once or
twice a month.

- Re-direct URL

Instead of typing out,etc., you can now type
to get to this page. It still goes to the same place so there's no need to
change links or bookmarks.

- Vampire guide to the U.S.

We would also like to start a Vampire guide to the U.S. If you have/know
of a store, place, organization, etc. that is vampire related please let
us know. This guide will have to be more strictly related to vampires
than the NJ, NYC, and Philly lists. For example if you know of a bookstore
that sells a large quanitity of vampire books let us know, however, we can't
list every Borders bookstore just becuase they sell a few. Stores that sell
vampire items that you can only order from that store will be excepted. If
you are not sure whether or not a store meets these standards, tell us about
it and we'll make our own decision. Please provide as much details the store
as possible.

Along the same lines, we would also like to set up a links page to stores
that have a website where you can order vampire related products. Please
send us the URL of the store and what products they carry that would be of
interest to the vampire community.

- Vampire Directory

Due to popular demand, we have opened up our Vampire Directory (formerly
the Vampire Personals) to the whole world. For more infomation, click on
Vampire Directory on the main page.

- Articles

We will soon start writing articles about real vampires and related topics.
If you would like your articles featured there also, please email us for
more details.

- Get your book, movie, CD, etc. reviewed

We will review books, movies, CDs, etc. Our reviews reach an audience of
thousands of people and are honest; although we always try to find something
good about the products we review. Email us at for more